Wisdom Circle Retreat 6th-8th October, 2017

Newbold House, near Findhorn, Scotland

A Call To Stand ~ Together

Ancient prophecies and wisdom teachers speak of this extraordinary time of transition we’re living in, as The Great Turning; a time when humanity would shift from independence to interdependence, returning to living in harmony with each other and with our planet as our indigenous ancestors did.

It was also heralded as a time when women would step forward to lead our world into this new era, re-embodying the primary principle: All Life Is Sacred.

Many women are feeling this Call to leadership and asking ‘How Can I Respond?’.  And yet, perhaps the question we also need to ask is ‘How Can We Respond?’

In many indigenous cultures all over the world, women came together in Circles and Councils as part of their social structure, because they knew this was how they could stand together for what was right. This way, they stayed connected to the deep resourcing of the Earth and to their collective feminine wisdom. The Grandmothers, who were greatly respected and therefore given power in many societies, held Councils looking seven generations into the future to make important decisions that would sustain life in their communities whilst holding respect for all life around them.

There is no question that the time has come for us to rise to this Call To Stand. But we can’t rise alone. We need to ‘Rise Connected’. Connected to ourselves, connected to the Earth and connected to one another.

It’s time to come together once more, in the safe, sacred space of the Women’s Circle, where we can lay down the defences that our fear of being seen carries, and discover a way to be with one another in our authentic power as women. A space where our diversity and differences are respected, where all women belong, and where honouring space is held for our shadows alongside our light.

It’s from this place of heart-connection and true intimacy that we can discover and celebrate our wholeness as women, and resource one another to bring our wisdom and feminine leadership into the world alongside men.

 This is our Call to The Women’s Council

It comes from the Earth

We hope it reaches you!

‘By dropping our self-consciousness and competitiveness, we can begin to make a real difference. This is how we are true leaders, for in fact we’re already powerful leaders within our wombs.

In re-creating the women’s clans, the mother’s clans, we’ll be able to stand for what is right, not isolated as we have been for thousands of years. In solidarity to one another, this journey will be less painful.

For it’s together, in our women circles, that we’ll find the way to lead powerfully alongside with men.’

Ohki Simine Forest

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