Your Prayer for the Altar Cloth and Essential Questions for the Council.

We’re creating something beautiful.

Will you help us?

The centre of the Circle is sacred. It represents the energy of sacred space that we create in any Circle of men or women, and helps us to remember and to feel the ‘field of well~being’ and creative potential that are available to us.

A few months ago, I had a message in meditation that we needed to create a sacred Altar Cloth for The Women’s Council. Helen Bailey and Joany McGuire joined me to bring that vision to life under Joany’s fabulous creative guidance in felting. As with any leadership journey, our process was not just about the external creative work, it was about the inner process that enables us to bring anything to fruition. We worked together in a spontaneous and emergent way to birth the cloth into being. 

The Cloth represents wholeness: the healing and integration of the Feminine and Masculine in all of us and in our world. It holds the energy of the four elements: Earth; Air; Fire and Water. Indeed in the centre of the Cloth is the fire itself.

Here she is…

Bring Your Prayer Through

a ‘Sacred Bead’ to the Altar Cloth.

If you cannot attend The Council we want to invite you to contribute your prayer through a bead or talisman that will be woven into the cloth with your prayer infused in it. (If you are attending the Council, you’ll be invited to bring your bead with you.)

If you are unable to join us in person for The Women’s Council and yet feel called to be part of the collective intention that we are weaving together, we’d love you to contribute.

Here’s what we’d love you to do:

1. Find a special bead or talisman that holds beauty and meaning for you. (And can be attached easily with thread). It needs to be made of glass, metal or other natural materials but not plastic of any kind. Ideally it would have a hole or link of some kind to attach it with.

2. Sit or walk in nature with your sacred object and ask where healing is needed. Bring your attention to your sense of feminine and masculine energies, and notice if there is something that needs healing or integrating within you. You can simply notice or ask ‘what needs healing and integrating in me?’ Stay out of your head and stay open to your intuitive guidance. Your heart will know. It may also be that there is an obvious area where separation has emerged that you can bring your attention to.

3. Take your time to just be with this need for healing and witness what feelings and thoughts are present. As you sit or walk in nature, allow a prayer to emerge that is focused on healing what you have noticed. Find a moment to speak your prayer out into life but also write it down for yourself and keep it on an altar or somewhere special in your home.

4. Turn your personal prayer into a collective one. You can ask the question ‘what prayer is needed for the collective?’ It may be more focused around women or men or humanity… or a particular part of humanity. Or it may be for the earth, animals, or all beings. Follow your heart.

5. Send your prayer out to life. When your prayer has emerged, sit quietly with your object (ideally in nature) and begin to say your prayer out loud several times as a chant. As you do this, imfuse your sacred object with the energy of your prayer.

6. Write your prayer down and send it to us with your bead/talisman. We invite you then to write your prayer down on a piece of card, ideally in the shape of a leaf or heart and send your prayer and bead/talisman to the attention of Joany McGuire at the address below:

An Taigh Fiodha

Lochbroom Garve


IV23 2RS (Scotland)

Share Your Prayer & Your Essential Questions.

Please ‘log’ your Prayer in this online form and let us know the most Essential personal and collective Questions you are holding. We want to hear your voice!

7. Finally please go to this online form and write your name and your prayer for us there. We also invite you to share with us the most essential personal and collective questions you are holding

Your prayers will be held with us during the Council and your questions will be received as part of our creative process to find our collective question for The Women’s Council. We’ll let you know about the progress of the Council and other opporutnities to enagage further with the Awakening Feminine Leaders community.

Thank you so much for your contribution. We deeply appreciate the time and care you’ll put into this.


Warm blessings,


To book your place at The Women’s Council contact Newbold House at: or call 01309 672659

For more information about The Women’s Council,

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