What's In The Way Is The Way ~ Neurobiology & Feminine Leadership

Join Joey Walters with Dr Stephanie Mines, neuroscientist and author of 'We're All In Shock'


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This is a replay of an informal discovery conversation and interactive online Circle with special guest Stephanie Mines. Apart from being an amazing role model for eldership, Stephanie is an inspirational pioneer in the field of Neuroscience and Energy Medicine. She's devoting her profound work to ending the lineage of shock and trauma in the world.

In an open (and non-linear!) conversation, Stephanie and I explore where Neurobiology and Feminine Leadership meet, touching on:

  • Why our resistance is the doorway to our creative power and how we can navigate the 'obstacles' on our path with greater ease and flow.
  • Why the experience of being witnessed (by self or others) with loving acceptance, creates a generative field of healing.
  • What our ‘resistance’ to our deeper Calling has to do with the trauma of birth.
  • How to navigate the inner and outer paths of our leadership journey and what kind of resourcing helps us to discover and integrate new ways of being.

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What's In The Way... Is The Way.

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