Enjoy The Replay

Our Response-ability to Lead

Free Online Circle ~ 20th March, 2017 @ 6.30pm GMT

With Joey Walters

We had a beautiful conversation at The Women's Fire. Thank you to all the women present and for all the rich wisdom and inspiration shared.

There is so much unrest stirring in the world around us and in our own lives. Many of us are feeling called to contribute our gifts and step forward in ways that might take us way beyond our comfort zone. How do we listen deeply to what is needed and create a more wholesome environment in which we can serve life from a place of deeply honouring and loving of ourselves?

Listen To the Replay here:

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Together we explored:

  • Why so many of us (women) are being called to our leadership at this time. (And what does that really look like?)
  • How our capacity to FEEL (however challenging) is an essential key to our ability to make our unique contribution
  • Why Self Love is the bottom line of our inner work, if we’re to step up and respond to what we see is needed in the world (and in our own lives) and how we do that in practical terms
  • How deepening our connection and intimacy in Circles and Community is the foundation for our awakening if we are to step more fully into our power to respond as feminine leaders and truly make an impact in the world.