Transforming Our World Through Love In Action

Join Joey Walters with Spryte Loriano and Jane Brinton on International Women's Day.

Online Conference ~ 8th March at 6pm GMT, (1pm ET, 10am PT)

Spryte and Jane are the co-founders of the inspirational campaign, The Waterbearers ~ a global collaboration of women, bringing clean water to 1 million people by World Water Day.  

In this authentic dialogue, we'll go behind the scenes of the campaign to hear personal stories from Spryte and Jane about what inspired (and enabled) them to co-create this movement, as well as many learning ‘gems’ of insight and wisdom from their experience as Humanitarian Advocates and Feminine Leaders in this global campaign.

Together we'll explore what being Love In Action really means, including:

  • Why being Love In Action starts with self-love and humility, as the foundation for our capacity to share our innate gifts and contributions with the world.
  • How life is calling us to transcend the old stories of not being enough, knowing enough or having enough, so we can take inspired action in response to the true needs we’re being called to serve.
  • How taking courageous action, inspired by love, brings us into life’s flow and opens us to receive the healing, love and resources we need to flourish as we share our gifts.
  • Why our ‘inner work’ as Feminine Leaders, is to integrate our deep ‘feminine’ wisdom and care for life, with our ‘masculine’ capacity to move our passion into co-creative action.
  • How being a humanitarian advocate can help us to get out of our own way and step into our true creative potential as change leaders

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Transforming Our World Through Love In Action

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