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Women and Men Healing and Awakening Together

For nearly 20 years now, I have been helping women to awaken and access their feminine wisdom and authentic power as Feminine Leaders. So far every moment has been a significant step in a profound learning journey; one which has nourished me deeply at a Soul-level, knowing that I am not alone in my quest for wholeness; for belonging to life with the authentic expression of my feminine wisdom and gifts.

The leadership and Circle work I have had the honour to explore and develop, has grown in depth and breadth, creating safe, sacred spaces for women to bring their whole selves to an experience of very deep witnessing, and consequently a loving re-inclusion of the most fragmented and vulnerable parts of their being.

Time and again, I have been cracked open with humility by the extraordinary presence of love and Grace that is generated when women come together consciously and lean into the collective healing potential of our connectedness.

I am not sure that anything can replace the tender trust, care and safety that can be created through the shared experience of open-hearted and courageous relating amongst women.

There has been and will continue to be deep re-Sourcing found in the recognition of the collective trauma that we are healing together as women and in the reinstating of the women’s circles that were lost in many parts of the world. There is no doubt we are on a significant journey of reclaiming our feminine wisdom and power together.

I see this as the restoration of the ‘Earth Lodge’ that medicine woman Okhi Simine Forest spoke of when she said:

“Ancient ways teach that proper balance in the world will happen only when the primary circle of Earth wisdom is held by women and when men enter the women’s lodge to learn from them. But for men to enter the Earth Lodge there must BE an Earth Lodge held by women. For a woman to enter into the male Sun Lodge as many do today, to make a career for instance, she must have a very strong root to the Earth to avoid the danger of disconnecting from her natural Lodge.”

I believe that every woman needs a Women’s Circle of this kind in her life. A home-base from which to honour and restore her innate power and connectedness to life and to re-embrace her shadow….. a Sacred Space to process and re-integrate suppressed emotions and safely explore the free expression of her more authentic, wild, wise and vulnerable self!  This is the Circle work that has been growing strong roots over the last few years, forming the foundations of a community of women leaders who are ‘Rising Connected’.  I am very excited about what the future holds and the growing recognition of how needed this work is in our world, especially given the degree to which past trauma is being triggered and re-surfacing for so many. We are being called to ‘hold space’ for this restoration of feminine wisdom and wholeness in our world.

What has become a very strong collective theme in this work, is the re-balancing and re-integration of feminine and masculine energies, alongside the recognition of the intergenerational ‘wounding’ that has been carried down through ‘mother’ and ‘father’ lines for many generations.

Being in the world leading from our wholeness requires us to gather the love and reSourcing from those lines and learn how to weave and embody them within us. Ultimately we are called to restore the flow of love and connection between the feminine and masculine within and around us. This, I believe, is where a significant inner and outer conflict is calling to be healed at a collective level ~ in the disconnect and separation between the feminine and masculine ~ between two seemingly disparate parts.

I believe that this inner re-weaving and restoration process is a fundamental part of our healing journey as women. But it’s not just the work of women.

It’s the work of everyone; men, women and those who choose not to ‘identify’ with either. I believe a significant and perhaps foundational aspect of this work is needed within specific ‘gender’ spaces because a greater depth of safety, witnessing and shared experience can be created there. However, I am also seeing an emerging need and desire for men and women to come together to mutually support the process of awakening and healing in this very sensitive territory.

Though we differ in the nature of the wounding we are healing and innate power we are restoring, the truth is that both women and men have suffered from the collective traumas associated with the patriarchal dominance we have experienced and participated in over many generations.

When we look at the extreme challenges we are facing as humanity today, we can perhaps begin to recognise that we are all engaged in the same transformational project!

We are in a collective evolutionary process of awakening to who we really are; leading ourselves out of the slumber of victimisation and self-destruction, and claiming our innate power to transform our relationships to ourselves, to one another and to the Earth… and thus create our future together.

This is why am very excited about the potential for transformation that is unfolding in the relational territory between men and women and, in particular, the work that I have been exploring with a dear friend and colleague Nicholas Janni, who shares with me a great passion for and experience in the healing of collective and intergenerational trauma.

On 7th and 8th December, Nicholas and I are co-leading a weekend gathering in London called “Women and Men Healing and Awakening Together…”

I have been called to this over the last few years because, alongside my work with women, I have had the gift of being in a number of very intimate mixed gender Circles with open, spiritually connected and emotionally aware men.

It has given me an invaluable insight into the journey that men are on in their own quest for wholeness and I have had the honour of bringing my care and witnessing presence to some of  them in their vulnerability, pain and open-hearted power.

The experience of this witnessing has been profoundly healing in itself, as it has lifted a veil of illusion and opened my eyes (and heart) to the depth of intergenerational and collective wounding of the masculine that has kept so many men trapped in painful distortions about the nature of their power (and has freed many of my own distortions about that too!).

Like-wise, I have been profoundly moved and strengthened to my core, by having been lovingly witnessed and deeply affirmed in my process and power, by the presence of men who are embodying what I often term the ‘heathy masculine’. This has been especially powerful around the meeting and ‘validation’ of deeply buried rage, where so often fear will be triggered and prevent even the subtle recognition of it’s existence (let alone it’s expression) in the presence of men.

So this is the creative ‘edge’ that I find myself at… not a change in track but a natural evolution and a new seed of collaboration to explore in the intimate journey of loving our shadow selves into wholeness and awakening to our highest potential.

If you feel in any way as inspired as I do about this topic, please join us for this rare weekend gathering in London that I feel honoured to be co-leading with Nicholas. Nicholas is a man who’s heart and soul is deeply honouring of the feminine and committed to the restoration of love and balance on this planet. He is also greatly experienced in the growing field of Collective Trauma healing (having worked very closely with Thomas Hubl for many years) and highly skilled in his work as a Transformational Coach and leadership consultant. Needless to say, our approaches are extremely aligned and we are looking forward to holding space together!

I am also delighted because, for the first time in years I can say, “please invite your male friends, partner or brother if you feel they would be interested” !!

** You can find out more about the event and how to register here. The early bird is open until 1st November. **

Also, next week, Nicholas and I will be sharing a video blog about our perspectives on this topic, and our own pathways to this collective healing work. We’ll also share more about why we are holding the event on 7th & 8th December.

In the meantime, I’d really love to hear your thoughts and experience on this topic and any questions that you are currently holding and exploring around this whole territory of feminine and masculine balance… and the space of healing and awakening between women and men.

I’d then love to take your reflections into my conversation with Nicholas.

Here are some questions for reflection…

  • How do you feel about the idea of women and men coming together to deeply witness one another in their light and shadow?
  • What emotions arise for you as you consider participating in this?
  • What is your experience of this kind of witnessing in your life already?
  • What would you most want to experience from having a mixed gender group with the intention of ‘awakening and healing together?’
  • As a woman, what would you want to experience from this witnessing, that would support your healing journey?

Please feel free to comment below or email me at if you’d like to share. I’d love to hear from you… and I do hope you’ll join us in London in December.

With love and gratitude,

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One Response to Women and Men Healing and Awakening Together

  1. Emma Mary November 17, 2019 at 4:14 pm #

    Thank you so much Joey for this most interesting blog. I too have been working on restoring and healing the Feminine Principle with my holistic coaching practice, teaching and writing for more than 30 years, and suddenly from left field has arrived a totally new perspective on life. After 16 years of being single, within the last year I have started a loving relationship with an older man which is like nothing I have ever experienced in the whole of my 73 years on this planet.
    Although coming from a totally different perspective on life to me, being a retired academic and atheist he is totally open and receptive to my life and my work. After so many years of struggle to suddenly find myself being seen, heard, honored, respected, loved and cared for is unprecedented and very welcome. There is no competition or power struggle, merely a mutual appreciation for who we both are. I cannot come to London, but I wish you well and please keep sending me your blog…it does seem after so many years of holding the Feminine strongly and securely in the Light, all our hard work is beginning to reap it’s rewards. Thank you Joey

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