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Walk with your heart on fire

Firewalkcrop“I stood in the stillness of night, feeling my breath deepen through the fear in my body, watching in awe as the glowing stars danced on the path before me. It was as if the sky had turned upside down and I could see my Soul Path stretching out ahead of me, as a mystical invitation to walk with courage into my sacred dream.” Joey Walters


I’m stoked right now! Seriously, I’m feeling the heat of my fire emanating through me as the warm embers in my heart are fanned by my breath.

I can feel my inner fire. My passion. My creativity. My spirit. My love. My life force energy stirring and moving in me.

I just took part in a firewalk for Beltane and I want to share with you my experience of fire walking as a profound parallel to the journey of walking our ‘Soul Path’.

After walking on fire, I can’t speak about fire purely as a metaphor, because I can feel it in me. In many Wisdom traditions fire is recognised as one of the elements that we’re made of. It represents our spirit, the invisible essence of who we are… the creative life force that flows through us.

When our fire burns brightly, we’re energised and inspired by it – it moves us into action. When our fire is dimmed, our energy depletes – it’s hard to be inspired or motivated and we can get sick and stuck. If it’s too ferocious and ungrounded, it becomes out of balance and like any fire, it can burn us out.

Fire is energy. It lives in us and through us. It moves us and it purifies us… if we allow it to.

Fire has been used for thousands of years as a way to purify.

In nature fire produces new life more quickly than decay. We use fire for crop burning, but mother nature will often create those raging fires herself, if we suppress them.

Medicine men and women have used firewalking and dancing for thousands of years, for healing and purification. Fire destroys the old and brings energy for the new.

It used to be the experienced healers who would walk the fire in ritual and then use their energy for healing others.  But now firewalking has become a practice for everyone. It’s you and I who have become the healers who walk the fire for ourselves and others.

In the way we use firewalking, it’s very rare that someone would get hurt. There are many scientific explanations about why this is so but what is more interesting to me is the teaching of a tribe in South East Africa who wriggle through the fire on their bellies!

They speak of ‘num’ which simply means chi or energy. The fire is ‘num’ and our energy is ‘num’. The principle is this:

When you meet the fire with the same ‘num’ as that of the fire, you walk unharmed.

In fact you’re not just unharmed, you’re also healed in some way because fire purifies and transforms. Walking on fire brings healing where healing is needed.

This is why firewalking is so interrelated with the journey that we take when we step up to the next level of our own leadership and creativity. It’s not just a metaphor.

I have walked on fire many times and each time I can feel the profound impact it has. Each time the fire has somehow taken me to the next courageous expression of my own truth. Here’s how the principle translates:

When you meet an obstacle with the same energy that the obstacle brings, you not only move beyond it, you become more of who you truly are in the process.

When we choose to follow the call of our Soul and say ‘YES’ to the next level of our leadership contribution, life will naturally surface everything that needs be healed and transformed. I call this ‘stepping into our creative fire’.

It’s the same when we stand before a path of hot coals. Naturally, it brings up our fear. But what we forget is that fear itself is ‘num’… fear is energy. The fear is not meant to stop us. It’s meant to teach us how to meet the challenge and move through it. Our job is to learn how to use it so we can walk the fire unharmed. When we feel and embrace the num of the fear and walk with it, it transmutes into courage.

Every experience is fuel for your fire.

As we walk our path in life, we are given the perfect opportunities to heal and transform what’s in the way of us being the true expression of who we are. Each step we take in the direction of our dreams will naturally trigger the fear that we need to face in order to do that. This is the evolutionary creative process.  It’s miraculous, because we receive the precise learning we need to become the leader of the projects and visions we are called to create.

Everything we go though is fuel for our own creative fire. But we need to allow the fire to clear out the old limiting thought patterns, ways of being and ways of relating to life that don’t serve the future we are creating.

It’s an empowering journey when we can relate to it this way but often our fear will get the better of us. If we relate to our challenges from a unconscious, constricted place, they become obstacles that stops us in our tracks.

But when we meet our challenges as opportunities for transformation, we get to learn and grow deeply from being in our own creative fire.

Walking ‘your fire’ with LOVE ~ the ultimate ‘num’.

Fear is energy. Love is energy. Fear is not the opposite of love, it’s a doorway to love. When we allow ourselves to experience our fear and expand through it, we grow our love and our capacity to hold it and act from it.

When I trained as a firewalk instructor 7 years ago, we walked the fire for 7 days. Every day, I surrendered more deeply to the fire. On the last day we were initiated with a 40’ long firewalk. It was an intense and stunningly beautiful experience as I stood in front of my path and felt the energy rise up through my body to meet this doorway.

The only way I could walk it was to focus my energy on walking for Love… to literally fill myself with the love, passion and courage for what I stood for… for what I wanted to create.

I walked for my own self-love and self-expression. I walked for the women of the world to find and express their authentic voices, I walked for the healing of our planet and for the feminine to be re-valued.

You’re the guardian of the dream.

It’s no different when we step into our creative fire to walk our Soul Path. Love is key. Love for ourselves and love for the dream.

When we step out to create something new, we’re invited to navigate the creative tension between holding the dream and not knowing what the outcome will be. This is a dynamic experience as we learn to face our fear without collapsing into it.

What helps me most is to remember why I’m doing it… to stay in touch with the love and intention of the Calling and the evolutionary part I am playing in the co-creation of our future. I’m not the owner of my dream. I’m the guardian of the dream. I am the artist through which life expresses herself. My job is to keep the creative channel open and stay as true as I can to what is being asked of me in every moment.

It’s only in holding this place of creative tension that life can flow through me not from me. This is how we walk the creative fire.

Making friends with your fire as a force for good.

Firewalking unconsciously surfaces our deepest fears of fire and of our own power – that it is inherently dangerous. It brings up the witch burnings in our collective psyche… our fear of sharing our authentic nature and power as women.

But walking on fire has healed and changed my relationship with it. It touched me deeply in ways I cannot easily express. Fire is my friend, the spiritual life force of the universe that is both around me and in me. My inner fire is my creative power.

Fire can be dangerous but like any energy if it’s respected and we direct it consciously, it becomes an extra-ordinary force for good. It feeds us, it purifies us, it inspires us with love!

This is our work as women change leaders. To learn to respect and embrace our power… to transmute our fear into the courage that will carry us beyond the obstacles on our path and help us to stand in our love for ourselves and the future we want to see.


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