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Trusting in the greater plan for 2015

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ForestPath1I was walking in the stunningly frozen woods where we live a few days ago, taking some quiet time to contemplate the year ahead. (see the pic below!)

As I walked I asked myself, probably the most important question I could ask:

‘What is life asking of me in 2015?’

A few things came to me which were really affirmations of what I already knew. Then I heard the soft voice of a deeper part of me saying:

‘Trust in the greater plan!’

I felt a resounding ‘YES’ inside me as I tuned into what that really meant. My whole body relaxed as I was reminded that a force bigger than me knows better than me. I don’t have to have all the answers now or have a nice neat bundle of a vision for 2015!

Having a vision is great, but if it doesn’t come from the right place in us, then it’s not likely to take us where we’re really being called to go.

However, if we open ourselves to something greater than our own will and listen to what life is calling us to co-create, then we can be guided to amazing experiences we can’t yet imagine.

What we need are two key things:

Firstly, to have intention – to really ‘feel in’ to the deepest sense of what is being called of and through us this year and to keep our attention on that intention throughout the year. Secondly, to trust in ‘the greater field of life’ to be our partner in co-creation… to surrender to ‘thy will’ not ‘my will’.

So my question has now become ‘What is life calling me to co-create in 2015?’ And I invite you to hold this question with me. It will take you to the heart of your vision…. or perhaps I should say… the vision of your heart!

When I explored this further I found 4 key questions underpinning this one. So I’ve created a gift for you to help you connect with the dream life is holding for you in 2015 and guide you to greater clarity on your path this year.

Click here to download your Dream Journal 2015

Also, continuing on this theme I’d love you to join me on Tuesday 20th January for a special New Moon gathering at ‘The Women’s Fire’ at 6pm GMT, so please mark your diary!

I look forward to being with you soon and to a beautiful year ahead.

With love and blessings,


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