Weaving Our Wisdom At The Women's Fire.

Women's Circle Friday 18th August, 12 Midday ~ 9pm

Springwood House, Scotland, FK10 4AY

An Invitation To Share Your Presence, Prayers and Wisdom.

I'd love you to join me and an intimate Circle of women for reflective space, inspiring support and nourishing company.

Dear Sister,

In early October this year, a Circle of heart-led women are gathering at Newbold House, near Findhorn in Scotland for The Women’s Council ~ a powerful 3 day retreat and collective inquiry for Feminine Leaders.

I’m hosting this gathering in collaboration with other inspiring women leaders, in heart-full response to the shared recognition that we are being called, as women, to step up and play our part in restoring balance to our world. We want to look deeply into what this really means for us and how we can answer this call as role models for a new way of leading, with our Feminine Wisdom as our guide.

A few months ago, I had a message in mediation that we needed to create an Altar Cloth for The Women’s Council and that this cloth would hold a prayer for the healing and integration of the Feminine and Masculine within us and in our world.

Three of us, with the fabulous creative direction of Joany McGuire, began to create this cloth with felt (sheep’s wool) at my home in Scotland.

It was an extraordinary ritual where we found ourselves being guided by the creative process itself to weave our healing prayers into the Cloth and work through the creative ‘resistance’ that surfaced along the way. Joany took the cloth back to her beautiful yurt up North, where it has been incubating and waiting for next steps!

As we come closer to the Council we want to invite a larger Circle of women to join us at The Women’s Fire to explore our individual and collective healing and integration of masculine and feminine within and bring our intentions, wisdom and prayers to the Cloth.

We'll be taking time to reflect in nature, sharing our experience around the fire together (weather permitting) and working with ritual as we continue to weave prayers into the Cloth. We also invite you to bring glass or metal beads, charms or talismans that can be attached to the cloth.

Much will unfold on the day, so I hope you can join us for this informal gathering!

How to join us

This is an informal gathering at my home and is donation based (Suggested around £40 minimum... or less depending on what you can honestly afford! All donations will go to Joany for her time and materials creating the cloth!) Please bring your donation with you but please first REGISTER ON THIS PAGE so we know you're coming and we can send you the details you need.

We will start at 12 Midday am and finish by 9pm. We will provide light refreshments on the day but we ask you to bring a contribution of food to share for a 'pot luck' lunch and supper, as well as catering for any specific dietary needs you may have.

If you are travelling a long distance, you may need to find local accommodation ~ I'll send you details when you register. Please contact me if you have any other questions at

If you would like to join us please register in the box below so that we can send you all the information you need to attend.

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you very soon for a magical day!

Warm wishes,


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