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The Wisdom Quest ~ Online Programme

Awakening the heart of feminine leadership

A Nine Month Wisdom Circle and Leadership Journey for women change makes, social entrepreneurs and transformational leaders who are called to bring their feminine voices, wisdom and gifts into the world.

Discover the 8 Essential Doorways to your feminine wisdom and awaken your true power to make a difference…

The Wisdom Quest is much more than an online Course.

It’s a nurturing community of Awakening Feminine Leaders who are taking the risk to find and live their Soul’s calling. It’s a quest into the unknown where, individually and together, we discover what it really means for us to stand in our feminine Sovereignty and lead from a deep Source of embodied wisdom.

wisdom circle_flower

 Through the power of the Circle, we’ll create a beautiful, sacred space where you can…

  • Come home to your Authentic Self and ground in the power of your feminine Sovereignty.
  • Strengthen trust and confidence in your innate feminine wisdom, values and capacities.
  • Find deeper clarity of your Soul’s gift and own the value of your unique contribution
  • Explore the inner leadership path of transformation that empowers the outer leadership path of manifestation
  • Discover a Sacred Circle of wisdom within that will reSource and guide you as a feminine leader.
  • Experience the power of Circle and the collective field of intention, wisdom and shared learning of a community of like-hearted women. 

Guided by a circular map of wholeness we’ll take a quest through 8 Essential Doorways to awaken the feminine presence and wisdom already within you. 

Introducing The Wisdom Circle 

The 8 Essential Doorways To Your Feminine Wisdom & Sovereignty

These 8 Essential Doorways represent aspects of our sacredness and are founded in universal principles of wholeness that have their roots in ancient nature-based wisdom teachings originating from Mayan times.

I was privileged to train for over 10 years with beautiful teachers of this Earth Wisdom at the Ehama Institute in New Mexico. This experience rooted me in a deep knowing of my own Sacredness and provided a foundation for my ongoing spiritual journey. Since then I have been deepening and embodying these teachings in my own life and integrating them with other transformative practices that have helped me to own my gift and bring light to others through my leadership.

Over the last 15 years I have been bringing this Soulful work into my teaching and coaching with hundreds of women leaders, aspiring change agents and conscious entrepreneurs, uncovering a much deeper understanding of the how we navigate the inner and outer paths of leadership to align our lives with our Soul’s purpose, weaving our feminine and masculine strengths as we ground our visions.

The synthesis of all this experience comes together in ‘The Wisdom Circle’, a contemporary design of ancient wisdom that is ‘Soul Medicine’ for women who are called to lead from their hearts and bring change to the world. And I’d love to share it with you!

My invitation to you…joey_200circle

Although this transformational Circle work is the culmination of many years of toil, truimph and deep personal work, perhaps the most important thing I have learned is that forging a new pathway for our lives and life-work isn’t easy to do alone.

That’s because we’re not meant to do it alone.  Our true power is in our collective transformation.

That’s why I want to invite you to join us in this sacred Circle of reconnection, reSourcing and re~alignment with your heart; so you don’t have to walk your path alone. Instead you can receive the support you need, share your own wisdom and forge a new pathway forward within a nourishing community of Awakening Feminine Leaders.

I hope you’ll be join me.

Please note that this online programme is now renamed, The Path Of Feminine Wisdom.

Registration is open for this new 6 month ‘ever-green’ Programme.

See the full invitation here

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“This Circle gave me real sustenance, a more intimate connection with others and Life, and all the guidance I needed to make sense of my leadership journey. There is so much love, vulnerability and integrity in these circles, that one can’t help but take that power out into the world.”  

Sarah Stout

“This Circle was the perfect opportunity for me to step into and experience Feminine Wisdom. Joey created a beautiful, supportive, loving container, grounded in strong agreements and supported by the Wisdom Circle Teachings. The intimacy created in the circle enabled me to touch the depth of the teachings and receive their rich guidance. It has opened me to embrace a different way of leading that is both healthy Masculine AND healthy Feminine.

If you are considering help for the next stage of your own journey, I would highly recommend this programme as an invaluable source of support, inspiration and nourishment.

Invest in yourself – create the space and prepare to dive in and dive deep! ” 

Helen Bailey

This Wisdom Circle has helped me transform what was keeping me stuck into the freedom to move forward. With the support, trust, wisdom and love of this sisterhood I am finally seeing and doing what I am capable of!
I have applied the wisdom of the 8 directions to all aspects of my life, healing the shadows for the light to come in.

Joany McGuire