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The Power Of Circle


The Circle symbolises wholeness. Integrity. The cycle of life, death and rebirth. It represents the sacred container of life energy that flows through each one of us. It includes light and shadow. Oneness and diversity. Being and doing. Feminine and masculine.

No element can exist without its complement in the language of the Circle.

As I look back I realise I have been learning about the power of Circles for over 20 years. I’ve held and participated in countless Circles and for many years I’ve been immersed in nature-based Earth Wisdom teachings that are represented in Circles.

Gradually, the power of the Circle has found its way inside me. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that I have found my way to the Circle that has always been there, waiting for me to wake up and light the touch paper.

This ‘Self Circle’ as I call it, is my Soul’s inner space, my sacred energy, the container of life and wisdom that I carry. Everything I have learned throughout my life has expanded and enriched my Self Circle… And my Self Circle has strengthened and empowered the gift I bring to others.

It’s the same for you and every woman who is called to serve. Your integrity is the light that the world needs.

Aligning Role With Soul

My work with the Circle (for myself and my clients), is about aligning the ‘me’ who shows up in the world, with that inner Soul space. In my leadership, I’m weaving the outer journey of my Role Identity as a leader with the inner journey of my Soul Identity and the destiny she is called to live. In allowing my leadership to be a grounded and real expression of my Soul calling within, I’m bringing my ego into healthy relationship with my Soul.

Over the years, I have been on a magical journey with the power of the Circle.

My experience coaching corporate women leaders, conscious entrepreneurs and soulful women finding their path, has shown me how those inner and outer tracks weave together as one path of healing and empowerment.

A year ago, I made a commitment to deepen my own experience with the Circle by sharing and expanding the Circle wisdom I carry, and making it core to my work with women who want to make a difference in the world.

That commitment arose from a challenging time. The picture wasn’t clear and the voices of self-doubt where playing havoc in me. But I knew that without standing in my own truth and trusting my heart’s inner sense of knowing, I couldn’t help any other woman find theirs.

And I remembered from experience that the container and pathway I have always held for others is also the container and pathway I hold for myself. That truth has never let me down.

The Dance Of Feminine And Masculine.

So in January this year, I began an intimate Circle journey with 6 Soulful women leaders that planted a potent seed for the future of what I call ‘The Feminine Wisdom Circle’. The purpose of this Circle journey was and still is to discover and empower each woman to Lead With Feminine Wisdom. To lead her life, yes. But also to step into leadership of her gift and contribution in a way that nourishes her feminine nature.

This emphasis on the feminine doesn’t exclude or devalue the masculine. We’re simply in our quest for balance, learning how to dance with both energies within us. I put the feminine first, because as woman, the first step is to re-own our previously suppressed and devalued feminine power and divinity. From that re-found well-spring of feminine wisdom, we access our power to lead the transformative work we were born for.

The inner work of renewal naturally pays forward into the Soul-aligned work we create and has an impact in the world around us. Put another way, our being expresses through our doing. That is the dance of co-creation.

Learning this new dance through leadership of our True Work, begins to heal the wounds of separation between the Feminine and the Masculine inside us. It honours the sacredness and beauty of each in their power.

As feminine leaders, this co-creation becomes our motivation and the Circle provides the womb through which our dreams birth and become real.

An Intentional Healing Field

At the outset of our journey together, we each dropped into the beautiful intentional space we co-created and the power of Circle has been working its magic ever since.

When we step into the intentional ‘container’ of a sacred Circle (one which holds love at its core), it opens our hearts to the healing potential of that field. Our collective intention magnetises the field of love within the Circle and expands the potency of the container. It awakens our authentic voice. It surfaces what needs to be seen, heard, held and healed. It connects us with one another and with life, and it opens us to the universal wisdom and love that flows through us.

There is no escape from the healing that is present when you drop into a field like this and drink it in. We experience how our collective energy really is more powerful than the sum of the parts.

The strength of the collective field allows for vulnerability to be shared with the whole circle. In that sharing, personal pain and challenge are no longer personal. Our troubles becomes collectively witnessed and held by everyone and surrendered to the greater Field that holds us all. In that surrender, new inspiration, wisdom and resources can emerge. 

Holding Sacred Space

What I am really trying to say is that Circles not only symbolise wholeness, but held in the right way, with a deep respect for the sacred principles of Circle, they create wholeness.

When I hold Circle, I am not holding it alone. It’s an intentional co-creation with a universal power greater than me, and with the women present. This sacred field, holds us with love. And in that experience of being held, each woman can feel and connect with the truth of her own wholeness.

Her shadows are welcomed alongside her light. Her emotions are honoured and witnessed with love. She becomes a receptive channel through which life speaks to and nourishes us all. And so the container flourishes.

When I hold Circle, I first need to hold myself. I am holding my own Circle (my own container)  consciously and with respect for my sacredness. And I am allowing myself to be held and informed by the Universal field of life that expands far beyond me.

This holding presence can be a missing piece from some Circles. We can go through the motions, but if the presence of the Circle host or leader is not grounded in her own centre of awareness – in her relationship with her sacredness and that of the field around her, the potential of the Circle can be diminished.

This holding principle ripples out to all the members of the Circle. In time, each woman deepens her capacity to hold her own ‘container’ and bring her power fully to the Circle. She centres herself in her own presence and self-awareness, whilst being present to the Circle and the wider field around her.

When this ‘entrainment’ happens the creative potential of the Circle expands.

    ~ Each woman’s healing, awakens the healing of the whole. 

    ~ Each woman’s love, expands the love of the whole.

    ~ Each women’s wisdom, enriches the wisdom of the whole.

Perhaps even more magical, is that the Power of the Circle overflows into the shadowlands, as each women stands in her power, radiates her light and shares her gift with the world.

This is her leadership path. She is whole and complete in her Self and yet, she is never alone. She is part of something much greater.

The Power of Circle is with her.


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