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The Inner March ~ Trusting Your Love


Now is a perfect time to contemplate the power of choice.

Everyone is talking about the worldwide women’s marches last weekend: the incredible rise of women and the feminine that is already present in the collective field… but that has now been, literally, demonstrated and witnessed at a global level.

We’re making history. All of us.

Whether you marched or not. You’re playing your part with every thought, word or deed that brings more light through you and into the world.

Many are asking: What next? How do we effect true change? What’s my part?

You might be too.

There are lots of ways to answer those questions, but I wanted to share some of what comes up for me when I let them land in my heart.

A Call To Stand

Nearly 3 years ago I stood beside my fear and ran a global online feminine leadership dialogue series and fundraising event: ‘A Call To Stand’. It might be a blip in the ocean in the scheme of things now, but to me at the time it was a huge, heart-led undertaking.

It was an invitation for us to step up as feminine leaders and take a stand for life. We explored the inner path of transformation that we take when we follow the call to return our gifts and how we can navigate the depths of that journey.

At the time, I wasn’t sure what had really called me to do it, except for a sudden download of Soul-fired inspiration and a deepening humility in my heart that (eventually) I couldn’t ignore. Somehow I summoned the courage to follow this inner call to fruition, despite massive inner resistance and plenty of challenges along the way.

What this journey revealed to me was a deeper understanding of what it really takes to walk our Soul Path and how true leadership is more an act of following than leading. Not following others, following the inner call.

I could see the world I was inhabiting within and how entangled it was with the world I was engaging in around me.

Over time, I realised that every step I took was a choice to follow my heart and align what I was creating through my leadership, with the ‘Call’ I was hearing within.

And yet, I had no idea how it was going to come together or if what I was following was actually going to have a real impact.

What I learned from this experience (which was ultimately a sacred experiment) was that I had the power to choose.

I had the power to choose:

  • Whether or not I should believe that ‘the call’ was real
  • Whether or not I was worthy enough to have it be my gift
  • Whether I was qualified or experienced enough to ‘hold the space’
  • Whether I could trust that I could manifest the resources and support to do it
  • What my heart really wanted to share and if I had the courage to be authentic
  • Whether or not it mattered that I might be judged

And the list goes on. So you get the gist.

The bottom line is that I CHOSE to follow my heart and in doing so, to authorise myself as a leader. A feminine leader.

I chose to rise beyond my fear and play my part in the face of a million stories inside and out, that could have had me crash at the first obstacle.

And why? Because I trusted the love I could feel in my heart. Not the hatred, nor the terror, nor the fear or resentment, or anger.

I trusted the little drops of love that kept me moving forward each day. When I hit a block, a ‘contraction’, I learned how to breathe and meet it with more love, more energy, more power than it’s own resistance.

You know what I’m talking about. You do this too. It’s an extraordinary thing this LOVE. When we find it in the face of fear, it’s called Courage.

Sometimes I had to push, to stand strong and meet the opposing force within. Sometimes I pushed too hard and lost my centre. So I reached out for support… got vulnerable, let myself receive from others… deepened my roots into the Earth and found my way back to Source again.

I watched for the moments of Grace that showed me I was on track. I cried tears of fear and loss and rage and awe. None of it just mine. None of it belonging to one heart… All of it shared in the greater field of womanhood. All of it part of the big unfolding, messy, collective process of healing and transformation that we are all in…

I knew I wasn’t alone, supported somehow by the greater field of life that gifted me the vision.

And it happened. It was totally imperfect and yet utterly right. I was humbled and overjoyed that the event had such an impact for so many women. It supported essential, life giving causes. I grew and felt light despite the extraordinary effort it took. I made a ton of mistakes along the way and I had some profound healing. What I got right or wrong along the way doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that my love felt met. My gift felt received.

I closed a gap in the experience I had of living my potential. And my contribution made a positive impact.

It’s not over yet. The book is on it’s way. Women’s Circles are seeding. I am still listening to my Call To Stand. Still following the tiny drops of love and expanding through the gushing torrents.

If there’s ONE thing that got me started and ONE thing that carried me through, it’s: trusting my love.

So when you’re faced with the questions… what next, how do we effect real change, what’s my part? 

Start with the inner march home. Come back to the roots of your wisdom.

Take a stand for yourself and the love in your heart. Trust it. Let it flow… let it guide you forward. If you can’t feel it yet, find sisters (or brothers) to help you let the rage and grief come first. Love will follow.

But whatever you do. TRUST IT’S THERE. It’s the power, the wisdom and the light that is your birthright to receive and share. It’s not yours to own… but it flows through you and is yours to pay forward.

Let it shine on you first. Let it heal you first, let it nourish you first. Let it soften you first. Then stand fully in it and express it: sing it, paint it, dance it from the mountain tops if you need to.

But let your love be seen and felt by the world.

Start now. Follow your Call To Stand, for life. For you. For the world.

Dare to trust your love.

I do.

Deep bow to life, to you, for this extraordinary new beginning.




An invitation to join me in Circle. 

I’m excited to be finishing the book ‘A Call To Stand’ over the next few months and riding the next wave of my own journey as a Feminine Leader.

As I write my book I am also closely supporting an intimate Circle of women who are ready to stand in their hearts and take this courageous journey in the company of other like-minded, beautiful women.

It’s a strong, sacred, transformative container where we put our roots down deep together and discover the wisdom, clarity and power needed to return our Soul Gifts to life as feminine leaders.

There’s a space that’s yours if your heart feels called. You can find out more here: The Wisdom Quest First Circle. or email me at


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2 Responses to The Inner March ~ Trusting Your Love

  1. Jane January 27, 2017 at 9:45 pm #

    powerful and wise words Joey, thank you for sharing them openly. with love xxx Jane

    • aflcommunity January 29, 2017 at 10:15 am #

      You’re welcome Jane, thank you xx

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