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Discovering Our Collective Wisdom ~ Part 2

Free Online Circle ~ 5th July, 2017 @ 6.30pm BST

With Joey Walters

We had a beautiful conversation at The Women's Fire. Thank you to all the women present and for all the rich wisdom and inspiration shared.

Join us for our next Circle at The Women's Fire ~ Wed 9th August, 2017 @ 6.30pm BST

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***NB. Please listen with respect and remember that this is confidential material that is not for passing on or re-purposing ~ Thank you! ***

Together we explored:

Prophecies and Wisdom Teachers speak of this time as the time of 'The Great Turning', where we are being called to move from independence to interdependence; a return to living in harmony with the Earth and with one another. It's also known as a time where women would step forward and lead the world into a new era.

We gathered at The Women's Fire to explore what this means for us as women, what we're being called to heal at this time of the Great Turning and discover why bringing our shared wisdom together in Circle is so healing. 

  • What we are being called to heal at this time of the Great Turning and how this is not only personal but intergenerational and collective.
  • How coming together in Circle creates an amplified field for collective healing and why this is so essential for our leadership at this time.
  • The origins of The Women’s Council and the Earth Wisdom that has inspired me to invite women to The Women’s Council in October this year.
  • Why these ongoing conversations are a powerful ground of preparation for The Women’s Council and how you can participate with your wisdom, questions and prayers.

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