Awakening the heart of your feminine leadership

A Feminine Wisdom Circle & ReSource

Community for Awakening Feminine Leaders

Discover the 8 Essential Doorways to your feminine wisdom and awaken your true power to make a difference…

Amisdst a world that feels chaotic and disconnected, something beautiful is waking up in us as women. Perhaps you can feel it too ~ like a precious seed of potential that we each carry in our hearts, that yearns to come into full blossom and create a future that brings new possibilities for our lives, for our children and for our planet.

It’s in our collective DNA as women. We’re the carriers and nurturers of life and it’s time for us to acknowledge and share the deep feminine wisdom that’s stirring in our bones. We’re waking up to our Soul’s desire to contribute; to return our unique gifts in grounded ways that nourish our well-being and honour our innate feminine strengths.

The prophecies say it too ~ life is inviting us to rise as woman and light the way forward. But not in the way we currently see leadership in the world around us. We’re being called to follow a very different, more feminine and sustainable path, where our hearts sit in the driving seat and our Souls get nourished along the way.

   But when we receive the invitation to lead,

   it’s never straightforward.

Because we’ll be asked to face our deepest fear and transform who we think we are and what we think we’re capable of.

No matter what stage we’re at on our journey, we’ll meet our resistance along the way…

You’re not alone. It’s only natural that when we step up to the next expression of our gift, we’ll meet the edge of our comfort zone and the places where:

We doubt our authentic voice. We yearn to express ourselves more authentically in the world and share our Soul gifts more fully and yet the thought of being visible in our truth brings up fear, shame and relentless self doubt. “Who am I to be this, say this, do this, teach this?”

We don’t recognise or own our gifts. We know we have something unique and precious to contribute and yet, we either can’t find that sweetspot or we don’t own the value of the contribution we bring. Either way, the voices of confusion and doubt keep us stuck in limbo.

We under estimate our power. We may feel clear about what we want to create and the next steps we need to take, but we get caught in the trance of our comfort zone, not knowing how to move beyond the limiting stories of fear that keep us stuck in old patterns of powerlessness.

We disconnect from our Feminine Wisdom. We want to work in a more feminine, balanced way and yet, when we step into action to ground our vision, we get overwhelmed and caught in the pattern of over-doing, losing touch with the Source of inner wisdom and guidance we need to nourish and sustain us.

If we’re not aware of our patterns of resistance, we get stuck. We turn to the path of ‘no obstacles’, we hide, we numb, we push, we distract ourselves, we convince ourselves we’re not ready, or dumb our message down. We find another training or qualification to counter our unconscious feelings of unworthiness in the hope that soon we’ll be ready enough or good enough!

In short, we turn away from ourselves, and disconnect from the innate Source of feminine wisdom and sustenance that fuels our journey.

But what if this place of fear, doubt and resistance is where the real magic happens…

… right in this sacred place of transformation, where your past has the chance to meet a bright new future?

What If…

… all the challenges, breakdowns, confusion and fear you’ve been experiencing, are the extraordinary ways your feminine wisdom is graciously waking you up, showing you the doorway to your power and steering you onto the pathway of your true leadership?

What if that precious seed of creative inspiration stirring in your heart, is your Soul asking you to trust the wisdom and capacity you already have, to live your highest purpose?

What if… instead of letting the infertile conditions of your past keep you small, you watered your sacred seed and found a safe, nourishing container in which it could come into full blossom?

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful that the risk it took to blossom” Anais Nin

Welcome to

A Feminine Wisdom Circle & 

ReSource Community for Awakening Feminine Leaders

I’d love you to join me and an intimate Circle of like-hearted women for a transformational journey to nourish and empower the wise, feminine leader that’s waking up within you.

The Wisdom Quest is much more than an online Course.

It’s a nurturing community of Awakening Feminine Leaders who are taking the risk to find and live their Soul’s calling. It’s a quest into the unknown where, individually and together, we discover what it really means for us to stand in our feminine Sovereignty and lead from a deep Source of embodied wisdom.

This initial 13 week Circle Journey provides a sacred container that will guide you on your journey home; to the warm inner fire of your Soul’s wisdom, where you can discover more of who you really are and what you’re here to contribute as a feminine leader. You’ll be nourished and inspired, grow your roots deep and find the clarity, courage and support you need to birth the next expression of your gift into the world.

Through weekly online Circles you’ll be guided on a personal quest, with nature-based principles, practices and rituals to support you in your unfolding journey of re-discovery, reSourcing and re-alignment with your authentic power.wisdom circle_flower

Through the power of the Circle, we’ll create a beautiful, sacred space where you can…

  • Come home to your Authentic Self and ground in the power of your feminine Sovereignty.
  • Strengthen trust and confidence in your innate feminine wisdom, values and capacities.
  • Find deeper clarity of your Soul’s gift and own the value of your unique contribution
  • Explore the inner leadership path of transformation that empowers the outer leadership path of manifestation
  • Discover a Sacred Circle of wisdom within that will reSource and guide you as a feminine leader.
  • Experience the power of Circle and the collective field of intention, wisdom and shared learning of a community of like-hearted women. 

Guided by a circular map of wholeness we’ll take a quest through 8 Essential Doorways to awaken the feminine presence and wisdom already within you. 


Introducing The Wisdom Circle 

The 8 Essential Doorways To Your Feminine Wisdom & Sovereignty

These 8 Essential Doorways represent aspects of our sacredness and are founded in universal principles of wholeness that have their roots in ancient nature-based wisdom teachings originating from Mayan times.

I was privileged to train for over 10 years with beautiful teachers of this Earth Wisdom at the Ehama Institute in New Mexico. This experience rooted me in a deep knowing of my own Sacredness and provided a foundation for my ongoing spiritual journey. Since then I have been deepening and embodying these teachings in my own life and integrating them with other transformative practices that have helped me to own my gift and bring light to others through my leadership.

Over the last 15 years I have been bringing this Soulful work into my teaching and coaching with hundreds of women leaders, aspiring change agents and conscious entrepreneurs, uncovering a much deeper understanding of the how we navigate the inner and outer paths of leadership to align our lives with our Soul’s purpose, weaving our feminine and masculine strengths as we ground our visions.

The synthesis of all this experience comes together in ‘The Wisdom Circle’, a contemporary design of ancient wisdom that is ‘Soul Medicine’ for women who are called to lead from their hearts and bring change to the world. And I’d love to share it with you!


My invitation to you…

Although this transformational Circle work is the culmination of many years of joey_200circletoil, truimph and deep personal work, perhaps the most important thing I have learned is that forging a new pathway for our lives and life-work isn’t easy to do alone.

That’s because we’re not meant to do it alone.  Our true power is in our collective transformation.

That’s why I want to invite you to join us in this sacred Circle of reconnection, reSourcing and re~alignment with your heart; so you don’t have to walk your path alone. Instead you can receive the support you need, share your own wisdom and forge a new pathway forward within a nourishing community of Awakening Feminine Leaders.

I hope you’ll be join me.


“This Circle gave me real sustenance, a more intimate connection with others and Life, and all the guidance I needed to make sense of my leadership journey. There is so much love, vulnerability and integrity in this circle, that one can’t help but take that power out into the world.”  Sarah Stout

wq_logo_words_whitetheOverview Of The Journey

The Wisdom Quest honours both the inner & outer paths of your leadership journey, integrating the feminine & masculine within.

It’s a myth to think we can influence the world around us, without attending to the world we inhabit within. 

What we experience outwardly is reflection of what’s inside. So when we step forward to lead and transform something in the outer world, we’ll be called to turn inward to clear the path within.

The outer path of our leadership is the transformation we bring through our actions and purpose-led missions and projects. It’s the more masculine aspect of our leadership: creating structures, taking action, managing process, bringing vision into form.

As Feminine Leaders we want that outer path to be aligned with our authentic inner world: with our Soul’s deeper calling to fulfil our true creative potential. This is the more feminine aspect of our leadership: being still, reflecting, listening, reSourcing ourselves and receiving insight, inspiration, healing and nourishment

To create that alignment we need to pay attention to the inner path of Self-leadership and the transformational process that happens within us as we engage in the world around us. Just as both feminine and masculine are needed to co-create, so our inner and outer paths of experience intertwine.

That’s why The Wisdom Quest offers a two phase Circle Journey that begins with the inner path of Self Leadership as the foundation of your creative power.

Overview Of The Circle Journey

The First Circle is an introductory 13 week quest. You’ll be introduced to The Wisdom Circle principles and practices to support you in finding deeper alignment with your heart and confidence in navigating your inner path of transformation. This is followed by The Second Circle, an optional 6 month Circle Journey, that provides a deeper, more intimate level of ongoing guidance and resourcing as you ground your leadership contribution in the world.


 wq_logo_words_whitetheThe First Circle Overview

Awakening Feminine Sovereignty

(The Inner Path of Self-Leadership)

Initial 13 Week Mentoring Circle Beginning 1st February 2017

This 13 week Quest through the 8 Essential Doorways, provides a container of connection and support that will help you find your way home to the wisdom of your heart. Here you can discover the freedom to be who you really are and awaken the true gift you’re called to bring. Tapping into your deep feminine wisdom, you’ll strengthen your capacity to navigate the obstacles and resistance you face and awaken your Sovereignty as a Feminine Leader.

 Live Circles will be held weekly with Joey and the Circle Guardians, with inquiry practices, rituals and supporting materials. You’ll also have access to a private Facebook Group for collaboration and support.

90 minute Live Circles will be on Wednesdays at 6pm GMT (7pm CET, 10am PT, 1pm ET)

Special Introductory Price Until 25th January ~ £497  (Usual Investment £675)

*When you’re ready to put your wisdom into action, you’ll have the option to go deeper in The Second Circle of 6 months and ground your experiential learning in an intimate Wisdom Circle of 6 women.*


 The Second Circle Overview

Leading With Feminine Wisdom

(The outer path of Transformative Leadership)

6 Month Mastery Circle (dates tbc)

This next 6 month Circle will help you to ground and deepen your learning as you take the next expression of your leadership out into life. Resourced by the warm connection and collective wisdom of a more intimate Wisdom Circle of up to 6 women, we’ll go deeper into the 8 Essential Doorways and explore how to lead with feminine wisdom, integrating your feminine and masculine energies as you bring your vision alive through a Transformative Leadership Project. (TLP)

Online Wisdom Circles will be hosted twice a month with Joey and a Circle Guardian, with additional teaching and mentoring sessions.

*Full details of this second phase Circle will be finalised in collaboration with the First Circle participants choosing to continue. This pathway also leads to the opportunity to be a ‘Circle Guardian’ in future Circles and training to lead transformative Women’s Circles.*


Invitation To Join The First Circle

Awakening Feminine Sovereignty

(The Inner Path of Self Leadership)

13 Week Wisdom Circle Beginning 1st February 2017.

The first Source of nourishment is already within you. It’s the ‘Inner Circle’ of your sacred feminine presence & Sovereignty.

This sensitive inner landscape of your Soul, is the true Self you come home to. It’s where you give space to your inspiration, feelings, insights, dreams and clear-hearted guidance. I sometimes call her your Feminine Sovereign.

She’s the Wise Woman in your heart, who nurtures you tenderly, teaches you wisely and loves you fiercely back into your wholeness. She’s the leader of you, that knows how to navigate the vulnerable inner path of transformation and align with who you are, as you bring yourself and your gift more visibly into the world.

Through individual, collective and nature~based inquiry, this First Circle takes you on a quest through The 8 Essential Doorways with core principles, agreements and practices to help you awaken to the wisdom of your heart.

We’ll explore the inner creative process of alignment and transformation that we can navigate consciously, as we step into making our Soul’s contribution.

Whether you’re re-aligning your existing contribution to authentic work you love, or you’re aspiring to bring forward the next expression of your gift, this Circle is a nurturing ‘home’ for inner reSourcing, wisdom and guidance.

The First Circle will help you to: 

  • Claim Sovereignty of your ‘inner world’ and become the ‘author’ of your life and contribution.
  • Tap into and trust your deeper feminine wisdom and inner guidance
  • Witness and transform the old stories of fear, doubt and unworthiness
  • Align with your higher purpose and contribution as a feminine leader
  • Strengthen trust in yourSelf and the greater field of life that supports you
  • Receive mutual nourishment, inspiration and support from a Circle of like-hearted sisters

The 8 Essential Doorways

wisdom circle_final

The First Circle includes live weekly video Circles as well as  online support materials.


The First Circle Includes:

  • Weekly Live Circles with Joey (via video conference)
  • Teaching MP3 Audios (The 8 Essential Doorways)
  • Additional guided integration practices, rituals and inquiries via MP3 and PDF
  • Mini assigments to support you in integrating your learning
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Password protected membership area with access to all programme content and replays.

Optional Extras: 

  • Optional 1:1 Mentoring package with Joey
  • Live retreat in Scotland in June/July 2017
  • Option to join Second Circle in May 2017

Weekly Live Circles begin on Wed 1st February and continue each week on Wednesdays at 6pm GMT for 90 minutes, with a short break for Easter.

Apply To Join The First Circle Now

I’d love you to join this 13 week Circle with us.

To begin, simply click on the button below to apply and reserve your space.


Awakening Feminine Sovereignty

Initial 13 Week Circle Journey beginning 1st February, 2017.


Special Introductory Price £497 (Approx $600)

(Usual Price £675)

(Payment plan available)

Space limited. To reserve your place now, please click below to apply.

“This Circle was the perfect opportunity for me to step into and experience Feminine Wisdom. Joey created a beautiful, supportive, loving container, grounded in strong agreements and supported by the Wisdom Circle Teachings. The intimacy created in the circle enabled me to touch the depth of the teachings and receive their rich guidance. It has opened me to embrace a different way of leading that is both healthy Masculine AND healthy Feminine.

If you are considering help for the next stage of your own journey, I would highly recommend this programme as an invaluable source of support, inspiration and nourishment.

Invest in yourself – create the space and prepare to dive in and dive deep! ” Helen Bailey

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