The Heart Quest Journey, Live Wisdom Circles and Circle of 8 Support.

Welcome and Thank You!

Welcome and thank you again for supporting my Love In Action campaign for The Waterbearers. I'm thrilled to have you 'on my team' and delighted that you're joining me for the Heart Quest and Wisdom Circles.

This is where you can download the Heart Quest and find access details for the upcoming Wisdom Circles which we will be scheduling in the next few days.

As this campaign is just underway, we'll be updating this page with information as we go and I'll keep you informed by email.

To begin, please go ahead and take the Heart Quest Journey or use the play button on this page. Find a nice quiet place to be and sink in deep with a journal and pen so you can make notes at the end.

If you have any problems please contact me at and I'll be happy to support.

Sending a huge wave of love!

The Heart Quest Journey and Live Wisdom Circles

  • The Heart Quest Journey MP3

    Your special MP3 guided journey to the heart and contemplate 4 powerful questions that will help you to access your heart’s deepest desires and clarify the inspired action you’re being called to take within 30 days.

    Take a quiet 40 minutes for this journey. Find somewhere comfortable, light a candle and grab a journal and pen. Enjoy!

    Play or Download

    Download MP3

    Download PDF for The Nature Quest

  • Live Wisdom Circles (Mentoring Support)

    Join us live for 2 x 2hr online Mentoring Wisdom Circles where you bring your questions, challenges, celebrations and wisdom and get the mentoring support you need to take heart-inspired action that will catalyse transformation.

    Dates for the Live Wisdom Circles 

    The Next Wisdom Circle will be Wednesday 30th March at 6.30pm – 8pm GMT.

    (Access details will be sent via email in advance of the call.)

    To Listen To Circle Replays Click Here



Your Circle Of 8 ~ Creating Support For Love In Action

  • Choosing Your Circle of 8 Special Women

    Think about the special women in your life that you love and trust. You know who they are. They’re the ones who know you beyond your masks and that you can be vulnerable with, without getting stuck in emotional victimhood. They’re the women who are already sponsoring you to live your best and happiest life, to express your potential and to just be who you are.

    Choose them, 8 if you can. If not 8, then choose however many you can think of to share your heart with.

  • Email them with your love, wisdom and heart-inspired action

    Write a special email to your Circle of 8. (You can send one email addressing all their names and blind copy them (bcc), or email individually, which is better if you have time.

    In the first part of the email:

    ~ Let them know that you are grateful for their presence in your life and the wonderful relationship you have shared so far.

    ~ Send them a little ‘gem’ of your wisdom as a gift

    ~ Let them know you are part of a Love In Action global clean water campaign and that you have taken a personal journey called the Heart Quest, which has helped you to tune into your deepest desires and heart-aligned action.

    ~ Tell them what that action is and ask them to energetically ‘sponsor’ you in taking that action within the next 30 days (from when you register). Set a date if you can and let them know what that is.

    ~ Receive their support and sponsorship (even though you are not asking them to DO anything!)

  • Invite them to support the Love In Action campaign for the Waterbearers

    In the final part of the email, invite your Circle of 8 to join you in the Love In Action campaign and help us to reach our goal by World Water Day!

    Share this Love In Action campaign page URL with them:

    Let them know they can register free for the Heart Quest and Wisdom Circles here:

    Then, once again, send them your deep gratitude and love!