A six month co-creative mentoring journey for heart-inspired women entrepreneurs called to share their gifts with courage, wisdom and grace.

Starting January, 2016.

Dear sister,

I warmly invite you be one of 8 Feminine Leaders in a brand new Mentoring Circle I’m hosting, called Leading With Feminine Wisdom.

It’s for women entrepreneurs and change makers who are called to make a more Soul-aligned contribution with their inherent gifts and feel ready to rise to the next expression of their authentic leadership.

As you probably know, aligning your work with your deeper calling is a challenging journey to take alone. So the purpose of this Circle is to provide a rich, co-creative resource of feminine wisdom, inspiration, healing and guidance to support you, as you take your transformative work out into the world.

In essence, it’s a nourishing ‘birthing space’ for the heart-inspired dreams we hold as women who want to play our part in creating a new paradigm of leadership. One which honours the feminine within and around us, whilst we make a difference through our heart-led initiatives, creative projects and businesses.

Is this for you?

You may have already succeeded in your business or work in many ways, but now there’s a new creative ‘edge’ facing you. It’s one that’s calling you to discover and express more of who you really are and have an impact in the world in a way that only you can. It’s time to sing your song.

Being a leader isn’t necessarily new to you, but this time it feels different. The old ‘masculine’ ways of achieving in the world don’t work for you any more. You want to honour your innate feminine wisdom and find a more authentic, nourishing way to lead your transformative work and live by the values you stand for as a woman.

Whether you’re re-aligning an existing business or you’ve just started afresh, it’s challenging to do any of this alone. Creating your ‘true work’ often catalyses a huge transition that can feel like a tumultuous and vulnerable ride. After all, it’s not just your work that is changing. You are too. How you relate to yourself, your work and life is in a profound process of transformation.

So you might be feeling...

  •   Overwhelmed by the potential of your vision and struggling to ground it with clarity and sustainability.
  •   A fear of 'being seen’ as you step more authentically into visibility as a leader.
  •   Stuck on the treadmill of busyness, avoiding the riskier actions or creative space you need to take.
  •   Waves of self-doubt about your inner wisdom, guidance and capacity to ‘succeed’ on your terms.
  •   Conflicted about your ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ energies and how to have them flowing together in your leadership.
  •   A need for more support, creative feedback and shared experience from other women on a similar path.

How will this Mentoring Circle support you?

Leading with Feminine Wisdom brings together the transformative power of a sacred Women’s Circle with the co-creative support and accountability of a business or leadership mentoring or mastermind group. It’s purpose is help you to tap into your innate feminine strengths and follow your heart’s guidance whilst taking action to move your transformative work out into the world.

It will provide you with a powerful ‘hub’ of support and mentoring guidance, not only from me but also from the whole Circle of wise, heart-centred Feminine Leaders on a similar path to you. It will give you space to attune to the deeper feminine wisdom of your body, your intuition, your emotions, your spiritual essence and nature around you… and let this guide and strengthen your leadership.

But being a Feminine Leader isn’t just about reconnecting with your feminine energy. It’s about integrating the ‘healthy feminine’ with the ‘healthy masculine’ within you, so that you can take action that brings your true capacity as a conscious women into a world that sorely needs your contribution.

So we’ll focus on both the external and internal paths of your leadership journey by helping you to:

  •    Share your unique gift and take your business, project or social initiative to the next level of inspired contribution. (The external ‘Project Path’)
  •    Maintain an open heart, staying true to who you are and connected to the deeper knowing of your Soul journey, your feminine values, strengths and innate wisdom. (The internal 'Soul Path')

You’ll receive creative feedback, guidance and profound support from me and the whole Circle at an emotional, practical and spiritual level with the initiative, project or business you are leading.

This ‘whole-circle’ support will also help you as a leader to:

  •   Stay true to your authentic identity, expressing what you stand for as an inspiring catalyst for change.
  •   Find the deeper truths and gifts that are present in every challenge you face.
  •   Transform the old voices of fear and doubt and own your unique value as a woman and leader.
  •   Align with the deeper ‘Soul Purpose' of your leadership and let go of distractions that don't serve it.
  •   Sustain your well-being by creating nourishing support 'structures' that resource you and your business.
  •   Take inspired, courageous action from the guidance of your heart’s deeper knowing .
  •   Open to the greater field of support and co-creation from people and life around you.
  •   Lead your work with love and integrity at the heart of your service to others.

How will the Mentoring Circle work?

Our Circle is small because we value intimacy. We want to foster authentic, meaningful relationships and co-creativity, as well as high levels of individual support and engagement for everyone.

With twice monthly meetings online, together we’ll co-create a safe, generative ‘container’ to share challenges, wisdom, insights and care in a way that allows each woman to receive the support they need and give the value of the wisdom and leadership they bring. We’ll discover through collective intention and practice out in 'the field’ of our projects, what it’s really like to be Leading With Feminine Wisdom and how to support one another wholeheartedly with this inner and outer journey of transformation.

During the first 2 months, l’ll introduce you to a guiding Circle Design of 8 Core Principles and Practices that have ancient roots in Earth Wisdom teachings. I call it 'The Feminine Wisdom Circle'.

Using this inspiring ‘whole person’ framework as a guiding structure, we’ll take a quest, individually and collectively to discover and engage our feminine wisdom. Although this work infuses all areas of your life, you’ll be invited to choose a ‘Transformative Leadership Project’ (TLP) that you want to bring to fruition and use this as the creative focus of your learning and integration.

The Feminine Wisdom Circle

In practical terms this means…

  •    We’ll work together for a minimum of 6 months, beginning in January 2016.
  •    We’ll have two virtual mentoring circles per month via teleconference or video conference. (Up to 2 hours each. Days and times TBA. All sessions will be recorded)
  •    You’ll receive guiding content on ‘The Feminine Wisdom Circle’ mostly in MP3 and PDF format.
  •    You’ll have 3 x private 1:1 mentoring calls with me, over the period (with access to additional sessions if needed).
  •    We’ll meet in person for a 2 day Circle Retreat at my home in Scotland in the Spring. (Dates TBA).
  •    We’ll have a private online Facebook group to connect and share experience, learning and wisdom throughout the journey. You’ll receive my regular support there too.

How can you find out more and apply to join?

Remember there are only 8 spaces. If you're feeling ready to take a lovingly held leap into your Soul-aligned feminine leadership in 2016 and you’d like to find out more about whether this Circle could be the perfect source of mentoring support and guidance for you, then let's have a conversation. This will be an informal one hour phone or skype discovery call where we'll explore your vision, where you most need support and whether this opportunity might be the right next step for you. It's a no obligation, heart to heart conversation.

N.B. As this is such a small group it's very important that it's the right fit for everyone. So if in our call, we discover it's not the right step for you, I'll help you to get clear about what is. And if it turns out to be right for us both, then I'd be delighted to offer you your place in the Circle.

Simply click on the link below, fill out a short application and I'll be in touch to schedule a conversation with you in the next few days...

Apply now to schedule a conversation

With love in service to your calling,

About Joey

Joey is the founder of Awakening Feminine Leaders, an evolutionary learning community for women.  She is a Transformative Leadership Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Guide, helping women entrepreneurs and social change leaders to align their work and lives with their Soul’s calling, value their unique gifts and transform the world by sharing them.

Joey has been teaching, mentoring and coaching women since 2004 in both corporate and entrepreneurial leadership contexts. Through her work, as well as her own personal experience, she has developed a soulful, authentic pathway of feminine leadership that enables deep transformation for her clients as they free themselves of old stories of limitation, embody their feminine wisdom and step up to lead the contribution they were born to make.

In both her one to one and group programmes, Joey weaves together many years of experience in Earth Wisdom Teachings, Ontological Coaching, Systemic Constellations and Spiritual Counselling. She is also an ordained Interfaith Minister and loves bringing the power of ritual and ceremony into her work.

She recently created and led the online fundraising teleseries, ‘A Call To Stand', has created several online courses and is currently writing her first book.

Joey enjoys living close to nature with her partner and two gorgeous 'wee' boys in the woodlands of central Scotland.