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Leading with Love (seriously)

Leading with loveYou might laugh. Plenty will. But seriously, what else is there to lead with? Think about it and ask yourself:

‘Why do I do what I do?’

When I ask myself this question, I get plenty of responses, such as … ‘because women need to have the courage to follow their hearts and take a stand for what they care about’ or …’the world desperately needs women leaders to bring forward the balance and voice of the feminine’ or …’women need to find their authentic power so they can create better lives for themselves and a better world for others’… and many other words to that effect.

But just recently another answer came through. It said:

‘I do it because I LOVE who I’m serving, I LOVE what I do and I LOVE the transformation it brings’.

(You might get a different kind of answer if your work isn’t yet aligned with your true calling. If so, don’t worry about it, just read on and let yourself ponder what you might be doing if you did get that answer.)

So when I sat with the thought about what true leadership really is, LOVE was that first thing that came to mind. Far too ‘touchy feely’ for most corporate leaders of course but the truth is, especially there, it’s an essential ingredient that is in general, sorely missed.

Leading with love means having love as your foundation. Love for what you are doing, love for the message you are bringing, love for those you serve, love for what you create and of course, LOVE FOR YOURSELF.

Leadership is a term that is loaded with impressions. For years I avoided considering myself a leader of any kind because I just couldn’t relate to the corporate masculine paradigm of command and control.

Ok, things have changed a lot since then, but generally leaders are still put on a pedestal (and then knocked off them) and seen as a bit superior and unreachable.

That didn’t look like something I wanted to be either!

But I played with being a leader anyway. And I began to learn that no-one was calling the shots for me. No one was really judging me because I wasn’t saying look I’m a leader, you have to follow me. I was simply and gradually aligning my life and my work with who I really am and what I love.

So what if true leadership was really about standing for and acting on WHAT YOU LOVE?

And what if you gave yourself FULL PERMISSION to do that? How would you feel about being a leader then?

Might this also change your view of how possible it is to be a women and a leader at the same time – a feminine leader even?

I have worked with so many women (many of them senior corporate leaders) who have found it hard to integrate the identity of ‘women’ and ‘leader’. They seemed so opposed. Many of them try to change themselves in order to fit the model of expectation. It’s tough when you’re trying to transform the prevailing culture. But it’s actually much harder to change who you are. It’s exhausting in fact!

Entrepreneurs too, are struggling to see themselves as having the right ‘gravity of persona’ to lead their inspired business visions and trying to fit a mould that doesn’t feel right.

That’s just not necessary. There’s no need to mask yourself with an outdated image of what it is to be a leader… On the contrary, there’s a letting go of the masks of who you’re not along with the defences that keep you from feeling your love and acting on it with courage.

The bottom line is we need to change the meaning of leadership to be an expression of who we are and our capacity to transform the world with our LOVE.

And we’ll only do that by doing it. So are you up for the challenge?

In my experience (and it’s still very much work in progress) true leadership is about coming home. It’s a challenging journey because it means meeting and transcending the blocks to WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE LOVE. It’s beautifully humbling too.

But the result is so worthwhile. It will feed you forever because it’s your Soul Path.

If you’re ready to listen to your heart, step into your true leadership as a woman and take a stand for WHAT YOU LOVE, then I invite you to commit to ONE SINGLE ACT OF LOVE now.

Ask yourself ‘What is my heart calling me to do next? Listen and do it.

And when you do, know I’m walking by your side, along with life itself, taking a stand for your leadership.

With love and oodles of courage,


P.S. If it’s time to commit to walking your Soul Path and bringing your leadership calling to life, and you know you’d like support from a wise Mentor who’s already walking this path, then I’d love to talk with you.

I’m opening spaces for 10 complementary ‘Soul Path’ Discovery Sessions in early March. If you’d like to apply for one of those spaces please click here now.

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