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Is Clarity Eluding You?

JoeySmallI’ve been thinking about the role of clarity and how important it is to have it before we can take action. It’s ‘heart clarity’ I’m talking about ~ a deep sense of ‘yes’ to move in a particular direction, rather than a head decision that we should do something just because it makes logical sense.

When we’re on a conscious journey, finding our way to bringing our gifts and contributions forward in alignment with our deeper sense of purpose, it’s very challenging when don’t have clarity about what we want to do or what the next steps are.

If we’re not careful we can be driven by fear to make decisions that help us feel secure and in apparent control of our destiny.

Yet, I’m aware of a new quality awakening in me and in many other women, as we open ourselves to the new, more feminine paradigm of leadership. It’s a willingness and capacity to ‘walk in the dark’. We are being invited to familiarise ourselves with the state of ‘not-knowing’ and develop our innate feminine capacity to listen to the internal and external signs that lead us to ‘heart-clarity’ when the time is right.

I’ve noticed this is how it happens. We have to allow ‘not-knowing’ before clarity can arise in the space of awareness that is created when it’s not instantly filled by our desire to control. But it requires us to trust in the unfolding process of life and develop a muscle that we haven’t really been taught to use.

Even when we hear our ‘heart-clarity’, we often end up doubting it. We can have a momentary ‘aha’ of awareness where we know the rightness of something. But if we procrastinate and wait for back up from our rational mind, a more fearful self inside us is likely to show up to dissuade us, especially if there is any risk involved.

There is another key issue I also see us challenged with as a community of Awakening Feminine Leaders. I’ve been having some wonderful conversations with a number of women from this community who are looking for clarity and confidence about their calling before they take action.

What’s becoming even more apparent now, is how the path to clarity itself is emergent. Paradoxically, it requires us to act first so that fuller clarity can emerge later. It’s nice if we have a 100% full body ‘yes’ for the bigger decisions in our lives, but it’s not always best to follow the ‘if in doubt, don’t’ philosophy.

Sometimes it comes down to ‘if the voice of self-doubt is lurking, act anyway’ and correct your course along the way. Life can only meet us to co-create when we commit to playing our part.
The key here is to say ‘YES’ to what you are really here to do even if you don’t know what that is. Then, be being willing to take a transformational journey that will inspire your clarity, release what’s in the way and give you all the resources you need to fulfil your calling.

This is the journey that I find myself supporting with all my clients. It’s a particular life transition that never feels simple but when you say YES TO YOUR FLOURISHING and you see the journey as one that you’re meant to be on, it becomes SO much easier to navigate the challenges that present themselves along the way.

And wouldn’t it be a bit dull if living our calling was all plain sailing and there was nowhere to grow ourselves along the journey? I see it as an leadership adventure. The adventure of discovering, being and expressing who we really are.
I look forward to sharing more and supporting you along the way.

Many blessings, be courageous!


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