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I Say ‘Yes’ (For International Women’s Day)

Happy International Women’s Day!

What sits with me most powerfully today, is a deep gratitude for the Earth and a visceral memory of our female ancestors; all the women who came before us and who paved the way for us to be here today.

When I feel into the love and courage of the collective evolutionary journey of women over hundreds and thousands of years, and how we have all being held and nourished by this extraordinary planet, I feel truly blessed,gifted and honoured to be a woman living today.

We’re living in tough times, where chaos and disrespect for life is becoming more visible and yet the consciousness and capacity that is waking up in us, to find our way through and create a new future for our children, is greater than ever.

For me, each year this celebration feels more poignant than the last as we expand our awareness, deepen our capacity to hold what’s going on in ourselves and the world, and strengthen the collective feminine wisdom that’s rooted in the Earth and in our bodies.

The more challenging our environment gets, the deeper our roots need to go and the more committed our YES to life needs to be.

So in invite you to create some space for a little ritual today to honour your YES and to take time to feel the presence and support of your ancestors in the female line of your family. At first it may not feel easy, especially if there are relationships or history that has been challenging.

The invitation here is to acknowledge the feelings you have and allow yourself to open to the love that is beyond any difficulty you may have experienced. This is as much about receiving love from them as it is about your gratitude to them.

Let your ritual be about saying YES to living your life and the freedom to be you ~ the freedom from past conditioning of your family lines, but also the freedom to receive the love of your ancestors and the support from the women who came before you.

Here’s a poem I’d like to share to begin.

I Say “Yes”

As I stand here at the doorway of truth

Where my heart burns bright with the fire of life’s longing

And my Soul whispers the call of love’s presence:

‘Know me, see me, trust my love in your desire to express

Let not the voice of reason twist our conversation

Or your fear of power limit who you think you are.

Plant the Seed of your desire right here at the threshold of the unknown

Where only your shadows can reveal the light to die for

And your softened heart, receive the nectar of its own healing”

As I stand here at the centre of my own Circle, with you by my side,

I see myself beyond the landscape of my unworthiness

And recognise my true home

I am free to sing my Sovereign Song at last

And with Life as my witness,

I say ‘YES’ to being who I really am.

Creating Your Ritual

Find or create a beautiful sacred space. This could be out in nature or somewhere in your home perhaps with your altar and some candles, or perhaps a special building that you love. Make it somewhere where the energy feels sacred and beautiful to you. If you are in nature you may want to go for a walk and allow yourself to be guided to a special place on the land. You may even have a chance to create a little fire to sit by.

Get really present in that space. Be still and allow yourself to drop into a place of contemplation about your life, your journey and where you are now. Be curious about how you are feeling in your body and particularly how you feel emotionally at this stage in your journey. There are no rules about how you should be feeling. Whatever they are, welcome those feelings in.

Settle into some contemplation time. Bring to mind the women that came before you in the female line of your family:  perhaps your mother, your grandmother, great grandmother etc. Notice how you feel in your body and give space for those emotions to be present. Welcome them in from a place of loving awareness in you.

Take a moment to sense into the kind of lives they might have been living and notice what you appreciate about what they lived through and experienced. If it helps, allow your focus to be drawn to one or two particular women who you had a positive relationship with and sit with your appreciation.

Write down any messages of gratitude. Notice what heartfelt message comes to you that you would like to share with them. This might be gratitude for what you received from them, or feelings you would like to share.

Send  your message in a sacred way: Find a sacred way to mark sending that message to them. You may wish to burn it (safely), or create a prayer bundle that you can hang in a tree out in nature (see below), or simply speak the message out to them.

Honour Your “Yes”. Feel the desire in your heart to live YOUR authentic life, to be and express who you are in the world. Bring your mind once more to the woman or women who you have honoured today and ask for their support.

Stand in your Yes Space. Create a space on the floor that represents ‘the front line’ in female line in your family and stand in that space. If you have a children, imagine them standing a distance in front of you, but feel the power of your life as you stand facing the world with your gift.

Bring to mind once more, the woman or women who you have honoured today and imagine them (and any others that can freely give you their love and support) standing behind you. Imagine the women standing at your back and feel their presence. If it feels right, turn around to face them and invite them to give you their love and support.

Speak out to life again and say ‘Yes’.  With the resource of these women behind you speak out to life from your heart with your own words. For example: “I say YES to being and living the most of authentic expression of who I really am. I say YES to my flourishing. I say YES to walking my Soul path. Please help me to stay open and receive the guidance I need so that I can discover who I really am and find the clarity and courage to serve life with my unique gift.”

Mark Your Ritual.

You may wish to find a completing way to mark your YES Ritual. There are many ways to do that creatively. Here are a few examples.

Plant a ‘seed’ that represents your heart’s desire. Find a real seed from nature or a bulb or a crystal and infuse it with your commitment to your YES. After (or as) you speak your YES to life, plant that ‘seed’ in the Earth asking life to receive it and nourish it. (Or you could even plant an actual seed somewhere where you can tend to it and nurture it’s growth and put it on your altar!)

Create a prayer bundle and hang it in a tree. Find a small piece of special cloth, cut into a square and gather some special contents such as seeds, tobacco, petals, a crystal etc.  Take time to be with your prayers as you place a few items in the centre of your cloth and tie it with string or ribbon to create a small bundle. Add flowers, a feather or anything you wish to decorate it. As you say ‘Yes’ to life, hang this bundle in a tree or somewhere out in nature. Alternatively if you wish you can place it on your altar.

Write your Yes on paper and burn it in the fire. If you have an open fire in your house or if you are able to create fire in your garden, you can write your YES on a piece of paper, speak it out to life and then offer it to the fire.

Ultimately there are no rules about how you create your “Yes” Ritual, except to listen to your heart and follow what feels meaningful and authentic for you.

Enjoy this time…

Sending you warm blessings and celebrating YOU on this special day!

5 Responses to I Say ‘Yes’ (For International Women’s Day)

  1. Brenda Scarborough March 8, 2017 at 5:51 pm #


    “Know me, see me, trust my love in your desire to express – Let not the voice of reason twist our conversation – Or your fear of power limit who you think you are”

    I thank you for your leadership, I stand right with you.

    • aflcommunity March 9, 2017 at 12:16 pm #

      I hear your YES Brenda, loud and clear – and thank you for standing with me! Look forward to the journey as it unfolds… Blessings to you!

  2. Stephanie Mines March 9, 2017 at 5:03 am #

    Thank you for the poem Joey. The words that speak to me the most right now in my current life transition/chaos are the lines beginning “I see myself beyond the landscape of my unworthiness….” through to the end of the poem. I am reaching for that place in myself! Thank you for helping me stretch into that intention! Love and Gratitude for YOU and the steady place of self-acceptance and truth that you hold for all women and for me in particular! Love, S ~ I will try to be on the March 20th call!!!

    • aflcommunity March 9, 2017 at 12:14 pm #

      Thank you dearest Stephanie… and for lighting the way in your courageous with CCC19! We are for sure needing to hold that space together! Would LOVE to have you at the fire on the 20th March!

  3. Michele Wilcox March 15, 2017 at 6:25 pm #

    Thanks so much for this beautiful offering, Joey! As I read this when it arrived last week, and was imagining the ritual I would enact, truly appreciating my female lineage, my mother called out of the blue. 🙂 We had an uplifting exchange, especially as I spoke to my appreciation. I love it when the opening happens in a palpable, immediate way that can be shared! I am grateful for all the invitations to opening that you offer to us, and for us to share! The circle of Love and Wisdom has never stopped expanding, and taking the pause to remember more deeply together is precious. Appreciating…

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