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Honouring Your Soul’s Dreamtime ~ Part One

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This last couple of months has begun a profoundly Soul-enriching time for me. I’ve needed to slow my pace right down and allow myself to drop into a place of greater stillness, so that I can listen more deeply to my heart during this Winter Dreamtime.

Slowing down isn’t an easy call for me and I suspect it may not be for you either. Culturally we are conditioned to keep going come what may: to fly on through the winter months and even pick up speed with all the demands of this season’s celebrations. 

As if this pressure of systemic busyness wasn’t enough, there is also a rising call amongst so many of us to step up; to respond to the global chaos we are seeing in the world; to play our part – all of which requires a commitment to action or leadership in some form. The collective distress and sense of urgency that can arise with the increasing threats of climate change and political madness has an impact on us, consciously and unconsciously.

The irony here is that the disconnection from the heart that has caused the world to become so out of balance, can be so easily perpetuated by us in the face of challenge. If we allow our subtle fear or anger to be unconsciously in the driving seat of our responses, we will disconnect from the very source of love that is needed to guide our actions. 

So although it can feel very counter intuitive to slow down, the reality is that we cannot create or sustain anything transformative without balancing the being and the doing. Nature knows this. We all know this. Yet for so many of us, in subtle and unsubtle ways, the doing still takes priority over the being. It still holds more ‘weight’. It’s still the conditioned reflex in our daily lives and especially if we are leading something.

Whilst I have been advocating Feminine Leadership for so many years now, it’s hard to admit that taking time from doing, is still one of the biggest challenges I have.

However, what I’m learning is that having the courage to rest in the non-doing, brings discomfort and it’s that discomfort that we need to pay attention to. That’s where we meet the shadows that need to be acknowledged and welcomed with loving awareness. And it’s through bringing light to what is unconscious, that we can touch our heart’s deepest desires and the Soul dreams that want to be nurtured into form.

So as you come to the end of 2017, I invite you to join me in ‘Honouring Your Soul-Dream’ and having the courage to rest in your own non-doing over this Solstice and end of year transition.

I invite you to take time over this next month (or longer) to be with your Soul’s wisdom and longing.

I am marking this window of time with two online Circles at the Women’s Fire – one on 20th December (just passed) to end this cycle of 2017 and one to begin the New Cycle of 2018. (on Wed January 17th at 6.30pm GMT)

The Women’s Fire 20th December, 2017.

The over-arching question we looked into is ~ What is needed to end this year with love and integrity?

This means really giving yourself time to sit with how you are feeling about this last year and discovering what is needed to complete this cycle in a true and whole-hearted way.

During the Women’s Fire I guided a reflective experience on this last year’s cycle. I also invite you to continue to sit with this inquiry as the year comes to a close:

  • What (in yourself or your life) needs to be appreciated and celebrated?
  • What transformative gifts have you received from your experiences, however beautiful or painful?
  • What needs to be consciously felt, forgiven or to fall away?

Here is the replay from the 20th December Women’s Fire:

Download Audio

The most important practice here is to BE WITH what you feel and notice what wants to be acknowledged. Aside what is easy to appreciate, there may be voices that have gone unheard, feelings that have gone unfelt and grievances or painful memories that need space to be included.

It’s with the inclusion of what has been overridden, devalued or pushed away that we able to come more fully into our integrity and truth. This doesn’t mean we need to find some kind of false happiness or perfection about ourselves or our year past. There may be parts of us that feel hurt or angry or distressed but when we notice them and welcome them as part of our current experience, we begin to feel more real and whole. We can more fully appreciate what is.

Feeling more real, whole and appreciative is what the experience of integrity is. Making space to honour and accept all the parts of ourselves and our experience is how we learn to truly love ourselves.

We go through our lives with many cycles. Each day is a cycle that we navigate consciously or unconsciously. Beginning and ending cycles consciously, is so important because we allow ourselves to acknowledge what needs to be felt, heard, healed, spoken, or acted on in order to find our sense of wholeness and integrity.

This is a process of ‘clearing the field’ within ourselves so that there is space for love to be felt and to flow, space for inspiration to be received, space for our Soul’s longing to be heard… and then acted upon. This is what honouring our Soul’s Dreamtime is about.

So when we come to this end of year, this Solstice time where life is beckoning us into the darkness, into sleep, rest, renewal… we are slowing down naturally. It’s an essential part of our process of creativity and transformation… we cannot sustain ourselves or anything we stand for without the dreamtime, without healthy endings, without heart-connected new beginnings.

I hope you’ll join me for the next Women’s Fire on 17th January. It’s a new moon.

Much love and Solstice blessings,

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