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Honouring Your Soul’s Dreamtime ~ Part 2

I hope you’ve had some Soul-nourishing time over the holidays and that 2018 is off to a beautiful beginning!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been enjoying time out with my family but also taking time to sit with my Soul and give space to the dreams and inspirations that are arising in me for this new year’s cycle.

So far 2018 fills me with awe and excitement as I feel into the creativity that is bubbling up in me. Witnessing the wisdom and courage that is awakening in so many women ‘en masse’ and feeling into the potential of what a community of committed, heart-guided feminine leaders can co-create, gives me so much inspiration!

This year, there are three essential areas of intention for me, that I feel are also resonant with our collective journey as women healers and change leaders in this wild and extraordinary time we’re living in.

The first is radical Self-care & connection: really staying attuned to myself, taking care of my well-being and staying as deeply aligned as I can with my heart’s guidance with each step I take.

The second is devotion to and respect for the sacredness of life: tuning into nature’s power and the greater field of universal intelligence that we are part of. Opening to, listening to, honouring, trusting and co-creating with the creative life-force energy that naturally wants to express through my leadership.

The third is embracing the power of our connection with each other: of Circles, community, shared wisdom and co-creativity. Our connection to one another is an essential part of our journey as we move away from independence and the idea that we are operating alone, and move towards interdependence – the deeper knowing of our interconnectedness.

These three elements are foundations for bringing our true gifts and leadership alive in a more balanced way –  a way that is guided by our feminine wisdom and that marries the co-creative power of our feminine and masculine energies.

This year, we began our free community gatherings at The Women’s Fire with part 2 of Honouring Your Soul’s Dreamtime.

During Part 1 at the Women’s Fire for the Winter Solstice, we held a powerful embodied inquiry into the question:

What is needed to end this year with love and integrity?

You can listen to the replay of that call if you haven’t done so already, here.

In Part 2 on the 17th January New Moon, I invited us all to stay connected to the ‘being’ space of our Soul’s Dreamtime and ask a different question…

What Soul-inspired dream is waking up the feminine leader in me this year?

This question came to me because over the last few years, I’ve been aware that my courage to lead anything, has consistently come from a deep place of inspiration. If I’m not in touch with the creativity that my heart and Soul yearn to express, it’s doubtful that what I take on will be authentic or fulfilling.

Without staying in touch with the creative energy that moves me into action, I’m not likely to get beyond the resistance that has the power to stop me in my tracks.

In this January Circle we explored 4 ‘Questions for the Soul’ that can’t be answered through our intellect. So we explored these questions with our body wisdom, through a constellation:

* What is my Soul calling me to express or create?

* What ‘entanglements’ of past conditioning am I being called to unravel?

* What resourcing is life asking me to receive?

* What courageous next step am I being called to take (as a mark of commitment to my Soul’s calling in 2018.)

If you’d like to listen to the Circle replay and take some time to be with your own guided constellation to explore these questions, click on the play button below or download.

Feel free to add your comments below and let me know what wisdom came to you!

Enjoy, with love!





Download MP3

PDF of the constellation as a visual. TWF Jan 18 Constellation

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