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Honouring the Men and Boys

Sam's_FirewalkHappy Summer Solstice!

In the UK it is also Father’s Day.

Somehow it feels right to integrate those two in a message of gratitude for the masculine. Please join me in honouring the men in our world that we deeply appreciate. The fathers, dear friends, husbands, lovers and teachers who have shared their special love and supported us in many untold ways.

I also want to honour the boys… our sons, grandsons, nephews and others whose amazing young lives touch and inspire ours.

I have two young sons, 5 and 9 years old that have blessed my life. Often I wondered why in particular I had been gifted the task of mothering two boys. I had always imagined having girls especially with the empowerment work I’m dedicated to with women.

But no. Life gave me two beautiful tender hearted boys that break my heart wide open time and time again.

Last night was one of those times. Sam, my 9 year old made me so deeply proud. He chose to come to a Solstice Firewalk ceremony with me and he walked the fire for the first time.

Despite feeling a whole pile of resistance and missing a local party with several of his friends, his heart chose this ceremony. Wow!

He sent many prayers to the fire as we lit it.

He sat in a long shamanic dreaming journey and came out the other side with an incredible vision which I had never heard, which he then declared to 65 adults in the room. (They cheered him loudly when they heard it).

He prayed to the standing stones for his well-being and for the well-being of his family.

He took part in an ancient Fijian Arrow Breaking ritual (which takes immense courage) and broke an arrow for his own confidence.

He walked the fire for himself and his own strength and happiness, but also for all the children of the world to be happy and for the poor children to be fed and nourished. I was was so blown away by my own son’s courage… and the joy with which he expressed it!

It has reminded me how important it is for us to focus on the wellbeing of the men and the boys… not just the women and girls.

And that’s true within us too. In fact that’s where it really starts. We need to honour and care for the divine masculine within ourselves as well as the divine feminine.

I am integrating so much in my own life right now, not least of all paying proper attention to the healthy masculine in me that has my back. I will share more about this in a longer blog at some stage soon, but for now I just want to point us all to the inner dance of integration that is really needed in order for us to bring our gifts into the world in a balanced way.

Masculine and feminine. Both are essential. The beautiful power of the healthy masculine serves the expression of the essential feminine. He gives her structure, clear guidance and loving encouragement. He protects her life and builds her capacity to voice her truth.

He shows her how to take action in sustainable ways that support the expression, beauty and grace of her wise feminine heart. Above all he loves her deeply and serves her with whole-hearted surrender.

It’s Summer Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere at least), the high point of the sun in our year… a time to honour our own creative power, the gift of life around us and the active potency of life that expresses through us… through our authentic contribution in the world.

So when you honour the men and boys around you, make sure to also honour the divine masculine within you. Thank that part of you for showing up when he does, for gifting you in numerous ways to continue on your path and weave the dream you carry with the reality you see.

This is a topic that is very alive in me right now and I look forward to sharing much more with you soon.

In the meantime I send you much love and many beautiful Solstice blessings of the fire to live your dream…


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