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If you’re ready to embrace your feminine wisdom, bring your unique gift to life and realise your true potential as a feminine leader then let’s talk and see how we can support that unfolding together…

I know it can be painful and frustrating when you have a strong sense of your potential and feel called to make a more meaningful impact in the world and yet you’re stuck in some way.

Sometimes it’s not clear what’s really in the way, something’s hidden under the surface of your awareness and so it’s hard to take constructive action to put things right. You know things need to change in your external world and yet they cannot change until you understand your internal world and the unconscious ‘drivers’ and wider systemic influences that are effecting your success.

That’s where my help comes in. I have worked privately with hundreds of women to help them navigate the inner and outer journey of leadership. Not role based leadership in conventional terms but an authentic feminine leadership on your personal terms.


“Joey does the inner work with you and then helps you take that inner transformation outside into your leadership in the world.”

It’s a journey that takes you from doubt to deep confidence, from fear to trust, from self-judgement to self-love.

It’s a journey that helps you to discover, be and express who you really are and create your life and work from that truth.

Instead of being driven by a smaller, more fearful and limited sense of yourself,  you hand over to a bigger, wiser, more authentic woman within you who is tuned into your feminine wisdom and knows how to take courageous action to fulfill your heart’s desires and life calling.

“Wow, what an amazing journey I am on…Through the guiding hand of Joey’s coaching I’m on a journey of true self discovery and building a foundation of inner calmness and self worth.”

This journey isn’t for everyone. It’s for you, if you’re ready to invest in yourself and make a commitment to flourishing in your work and life.

You don’t need to be a ‘leader’ in the traditional sense, but you do need to be willing to become the feminine leader you need to be in order to bring your unique contribution to life. There is, and only ever will be, one of you and your gift is both unique and needed in the world.

So if you’re ready to take the next step and find out more about how you can work with me, then  jump in and apply for your complementary 45 min Wisdom 1:1 Discovery Session where you’ll find more clarity on:

  • What your deepest desires are for your feminine leadership contribution
  • What’s holding you back from following your calling and bringing your unique gifts into the world.
  • How you can work with me to transcend your limitations and put new development practices in place that will support you to discover, be and express your unique creative potential.

To apply for your complementary
Wisdom 1:1 Discovery Session

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” In just a short call I felt that Joey was able to pinpoint the evolutionary phase I am in, and I felt seen and witnessed there with a compassionate, insightful understanding which was very valuable. When we came to talk about how I am wanting to express my true self in my soul work, Joey very swiftly took me straight to my ‘edge’. I feel I now have greater clarity about the interface between my inner and outer transformation, can see more clearly what holds me back and can step forward with more courage and joy on my journey.”

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