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The Inner March ~ Trusting Your Love

  Now is a perfect time to contemplate the power of choice. Everyone is talking about the worldwide women’s marches last weekend: the incredible rise of women and the feminine that is already present in the collective field… but that has now been, literally, demonstrated and witnessed at a global level. We’re making history. All of […]

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Our Response-ability To Love

Our world is being shaken and we’re feeling it. We’re feeling the extraordinary wake up call that is happening on the planet right now. There’s so much uncertainty and instability (not just politically but on many levels) that our capacity to stay grounded and connected to our hearts is being tested. That’s what wake up […]

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Being A Beacon Of Light

Are you letting your light shine bright? Our inner ‘light’ has an impact. It’s not just a great metaphor. It’s our life energy that emanates out into the world and is seen and felt by others. We notice when someone is lit up and radiating their brilliance. They’re transmitting… and we’re receiving. Whether we’re transmitting […]

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Video: What’s In The Way Is The Way

In this video I share more about one of the core principles of Feminine Leadership: What’s In The Way, Is The Way and how we can navigate our resistance by moving from a ‘coping strategy’ to a ‘healing strategy’. Here are 3 opportunities for connection that may interest you! 1) If you’d like to join […]

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The Power Of Circle

Integrity The Circle symbolises wholeness. Integrity. The cycle of life, death and rebirth. It represents the sacred container of life energy that flows through each one of us. It includes light and shadow. Oneness and diversity. Being and doing. Feminine and masculine. No element can exist without its complement in the language of the Circle. […]

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Being where you are and loving it…

Happy Winter Solstice! As we near the end of the year and look towards 2016 and the seeds we want to plant for our year ahead, I want to offer you the gift of a gentle and loving challenge and a practice to support it. It’s one that I’ve given myself too. It’s counter intuitive […]

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Honouring the Men and Boys

Happy Summer Solstice! In the UK it is also Father’s Day. Somehow it feels right to integrate those two in a message of gratitude for the masculine. Please join me in honouring the men in our world that we deeply appreciate. The fathers, dear friends, husbands, lovers and teachers who have shared their special love […]

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