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All Things Are Born of Woman ~ Climate Change & Feminine Leadership (Part One)

Written for Climate Change and Consciousness (CCC19 Conference), Findhorn ~ April 2019. It’s no secret that we are living in a time of extraordinary upheaval and transition, climate change perhaps being the most significant expression of the all-pervading flux in which we find ourselves. Our compromised environment and the related breakdown of our political, social […]

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Feeling Our Way Home To Wholeness ~ Part Two

Continued from Part One (read part one here) Aamir’s choice to ‘leave’ in August 2017, awakened deeper layers of my capacity to feel which, in turn, greatly enriched my understanding and practice of ‘holding space’ ~ both for myself and for the women I work with. I am still stunned by the synchronicity and power of the […]

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Trusting The Unspoken Feminine

I have just returned from a very beautiful send off for my dear Aunt Ruth and an extremely nostalgic trip back to the home town of Westerham, where I was born and grew up as a child. So I am in that strange, rather heart-full and wordless place where it’s almost impossible to distinguish between loss and love. I was […]

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My TEDx Talk ~ Rising Connected

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! What an epic journey and honour it was to stand on this amazing red rug, which I lovingly call  ‘the centre of the fire’! Huge, warm THANK YOU’s to everyone who helped me along the way including my sisters who spoke with me that evening Deborah Jay Lewin, Stephanie Mines and Margaret Elphinstone…. and […]

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Leading A New Culture Of ‘Being’

I’ve been marvelling at the beautiful winter we are having here in Scotland. In the last few weeks I’ve woken several times to snowy ‘white-outs’ around me and as we live in the middle of a forest, it’s quite stunning to be greeted this way. I still feel I’m in hibernation, tuning to my own rhythms and to the […]

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Honouring Your Soul’s Dreamtime ~ Part 2

I hope you’ve had some Soul-nourishing time over the holidays and that 2018 is off to a beautiful beginning! Over the last few weeks I’ve been enjoying time out with my family but also taking time to sit with my Soul and give space to the dreams and inspirations that are arising in me for this new […]

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Honouring Your Soul’s Dreamtime ~ Part One

(Scroll down for the Women’s Fire Replay Audio Player) Download Audio Replay This last couple of months has begun a profoundly Soul-enriching time for me. I’ve needed to slow my pace right down and allow myself to drop into a place of greater stillness, so that I can listen more deeply to my heart during this Winter Dreamtime. Slowing […]

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