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Being A Beacon Of Light

Star-like flare and Sun Beams - Misty forest

Are you letting your light shine bright?

Our inner ‘light’ has an impact. It’s not just a great metaphor. It’s our life energy that emanates out into the world and is seen and felt by others. We notice when someone is lit up and radiating their brilliance. They’re transmitting… and we’re receiving.

Whether we’re transmitting or receiving, both feel good, nourishing, enlivening. Life energy is moving through us!

How brightly we shine at any given moment is influenced by many factors but mostly, I believe, it’s down to the degree to which we are free to show up authentically, with an open-heart, without fear of being judged or ridiculed, or perhaps even annihilated!

Those fears feel very real and we shouldn’t judge ourselves for having them. But it’s also important to see that they mostly stem from our conditioned past and the coping mechanisms that we created (or adopted) to protect ourselves from something that no longer exists. (And if it does still exist, then we have the capacity to deal with it in a more empowered way now!).

It’s these light dimming patterns or shadows that we need to address, if we want to experience our radiance and become an expression of our true potential.

We might think of our light as beaming just the good stuff, but actually it includes the shadows too. Our shadows are simply the unintegrated aspects of ourselves that need healing. To heal means to make whole. To make whole is to integrate. The expression and witnessing of a shadow part of us opens the way for more light to pour through us.

When we embrace and integrate the parts of ourselves that we have rejected, that we dislike and feel shameful about, we bring them into the light. When we integrate, we increase the light, we expand our capacity to receive and channel light – we literally turn up our wattage!

Our light is an expression of the Source of life that we are all an integral part of. It doesn’t belong to us. It comes through us. Each one of us is like a crystal, diamond or jewel that is unique. When that Source light shines through our crystal… we radiate our unique light – it comes with our unique colours, shapes and Soul vibrations. Our job is to be a vessel for this light and to do what we can to keep it clear, so we and others can benefit from the essential life energy that wants to flow through.

I believe that claiming our freedom to be who we are and express our unique light is a powerful initiation into our feminine leadership. 

But it’s different to the kind of leadership we normally see in the world. Not every leader cares about shining their light!

But those of us who do, have an exciting journey to take ~ one that is essentially about awakening to the brilliance of our true nature, integrating our power and serving the evolution of life through the expression of who we are.

So even though you may still get stuck in the belief that you’re not a leader, I invite you to open to a different way of seeing what leadership really is. It’s what happens when you allow your light to shine, because others will see you and be nourished by your warmth. They will feel your love radiating out and be drawn to your fire.

There is only one real problem that any of us ever face. And that is that we get caught in the identity of our shadows. In that identification we can’t see or experience our own light because we’re in the shadow. In that place we are never enough. We get lost in our aloneness and feel un-resourced.

So what do we need to turn that around… to feed and brighten our own inner fire and allow our unique light to radiate through our leadership?

I believe we need 3 essential ingredients:

  1. We need a profound commitment to ourselves and to a transformational journey that is first and foremost about receiving the resourcing we need, so our light can shine in a more sustained way.
  2. We need steady mentoring guidance, with pathways, principles and practices that help us to embrace and integrate our shadows and learn to love ourselves into wholeness.
  3. We need an intimate resourcing Circle as a Sangha of support around us, who can witness and sponsor our light and help us unplug from the old stories of not being enough.

Why is this so important?

I believe we’re being called as women to be role models for a new, more balanced way of being in the world and a new way of leading ~ by becoming a unique and powerful expression of the love the world needs. I call it Feminine Leadership.

As you may already be experiencing, it takes, guts, commitment and uncompromising self love to step onto that path and sustain our motivation. It asks us to open, to surrender, to release, to receive, to heal, to remember, to align, to love, to act… so that we can shine our light ever more brightly. It may seem a lot, but there is nothing more rewarding that experiencing our own light flowing through and being received by others.

Wherever you are on your path, I encourage you to find and give yourself permission to receive these 3 resourcing ingredients in your life and to make a commitment to yourself to take that transformational journey.

If you already have some of that resourcing in your life and your light still isn’t shining brightly, then take a look and see where your light is being diminished, and what is needed to polish up that jewel!

And if you don’t have that resourcing or you want more, please email me and let me know. I’m in the process of gathering a new intimate Circle of committed women, to join me on a powerful Feminine Leadership adventure over the next 9 months, that will provide all 3 of those resourcing ingredients.

Sending much love and courage for you to shine,

P.S. Probably the most important starting point is to surround yourself with people who can witness and ‘sponsor’ your authentic expression, people who will see and reflect your light back to you as you practice showing up more fully in the world with your gifts. 

If this is the right time for you to receive a high level of mentoring and resourcing for your light to shine even more brightly in 2017, then please reach out and let me know!

Email me at and I will make sure you receive an invitation to the 9 month Circle journey!

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