A 12 Week Online Group Mentoring Programme ~ beginning 29th October, 2014.


Discover And Own Your True Calling In A Way That Embraces Your Feminine Wisdom...

Dear passionate women change maker,

Have you been wondering how it would feel for your life to be an expression of who you really are... to be doing the work that you truly love... knowing that you're fulfilling the purpose you really came here for?

Perhaps you’re feeling called to the next level of your work, that allows an unexpressed seed of your potential to come into full blossom.

Or maybe you just sense it’s time to share the unique gift that you know you carry... a gift that has been germinating throughout your life and is now ready to take root ...

How would your life be, if you could not only SEE your gift but OWN it with such deep confidence that you had no choice but to step out of hiding and share it with the world?

Perhaps you would:

  • wake up in the morning feeling uplifted and excited about what you’re up to in the world
  • feel free and confident to express yourself and your values, through the work you love
  • feel on track, knowing that your work is aligned with your Soul’s purpose and potential
  • enjoy growing your business and your leadership because it inspires and nourishes you so much
  • experience a work-lifestyle that has time for self-care, fun and the people that matter to you
  • feel nourished, fulfilled and sustained by the contribution you’re making in the world

And yet, despite all your efforts to get clear and express that deep inner calling, something is keeping you stuck and confused…

Is some of this familiar to you?

  • Despite feeling a deep yearning to make a bigger contribution, you’re stuck in a frustratingly dense fog about what your true gift really is or how to ground it
  • You're struggling to feel confident about the true value you bring, so you’re holding back from doing the work you love.
  • You keep stalling and avoiding the action you know in your heart you need to take, for fear of getting it wrong.
  • You’re stuck in your fear of being ‘seen’ and struggling to access the courage you need to step out of ‘hiding’.
  • You’re exhausted trying to drive ‘success’ in a way that feels off track and that isn’t nourishing you enough


I totally understand. I’ve been though this too and know first hand how challenging this whole journey can be!


I'm Joey Walters, founder of Awakening Feminine Leaders ...

I’ve spent the last 10 years helping passionate women change makers from all walks of life, to re-connect with who they really are, follow their calling and find their unique path to sharing their gifts with the world.

This is my calling, because I believe this is what is needed in the world right now. We need conscious women (just like you) who are bringing their authentic voices to the table and taking a stand for the future they want to see, through their businesses, social ventures and change initiatives.

The sad truth is that there are SO many women feeling called to step up in some way and play their unique part, but very few are actually following the call.

What I discovered is that most women get stuck in their confusion and fear because they don’t understand the bigger picture that is really at play.

This was my story too. 17 years ago, I left a very successful and secure business that I had co-founded because I was suffering from exhaustion, lack of motivation and shattered confidence. I simply wasn't meant to be doing it any more.

At the time is was really painful but now I know it was a huge gift and wake up call because it set me on a path to follow and uncover a much deeper calling that was speaking to me in that ‘breakdown’. It took guts, resilience, buckets of tears and eventually a complete transformation of my life to get on track with the work I was being called to do even back then. If I had known then, that what I was experiencing was actually a natural part of the process... and if I'd had some guidance in how to navigate the journey, it would have been SO much easier.

But over time, I began to see some patterns emerging and I started to piece them together. It turns out that despite my passion to make a difference, I was resisting the whole journey because a huge part of me was putting the breaks on. This didn't just happen once... it happened many times.

Eventually, I discovered there was a different way to approach the whole journey: a more feminine, intuitive and compassionate way to follow my path to making a difference in the world. One which would honour all the challenges, messiness and uncertainty of real life... but that also recognises that there are some essential elements to have in place that will support us in grounding the contribution that we're here to make.

This is a pathway that I now want to share with you. It weaves the inner inner and outer journey of discovering, owning and sharing your unique gift and allowing your authentic voice to be counted.


And that’s why I created Awaken Your Gift

During this 12 week online mentoring programme I will guide you on a personal quest to discover and awaken the gift that you are here to bring.  We'll take the feminine path and explore both the inner and outer journey you're on as you:

  • Get clear about the unique contribution that you’re called to make and how to make it real in a way that honours your feminine wisdom
  • Come out of hiding and allow your leadership and business to be an expression of the real you and your true potential
  • Shift beyond the old stories of limitation that have been keeping you stuck in resistance and fear.
  • Own the true value you bring and be empowered to take a stand for the transformation you’re here to make through your work in the world.

It's a 12 week mentoring journey that will help you to uncover and own the ‘sweet-spot’ of your calling...

  • Bonus Preview on 23rd Oct 2014

    A bonus preview and coaching call to get clear about what you need from and how you can make the most out of the programme.

  • Programme begins 29th Oct 2014

    We’ll begin with module 1 and our first teaching and workshop session on Wednesday 29th October.

  • Programme ends Jan 2015

    We’ll be completing the programme in January after a short break over the Christmas and New Year period.

During this 12 week programme we'll take a journey together through The 4 Essential Keys that will help you to discover and own the 'sweet-spot' of your calling and begin to ground it in reality at this point in your life.

Each module will span two weeks and will include live teaching sessions, coaching calls, practices and mini assignments. During the first week there will be a live 90-120 min teaching circle and the second week there will be a live 90-120 min coaching circle both via teleconference. (see dates below).

"Creating the transformative container for our journey"

  • Get clear about your highest intention for your work or business and learn how YOU can become the transformative ‘container’ for living your calling
  • Discover the Feminine Foundations for living your calling even if you’re not yet clear what it is
  • Learn how to say ‘YES’ to your calling and make ‘not-knowing’ your best friend on the journey of discovery

"Your gift is in being and expressing who you really are."

  • Re-connect with who you really are and the core beliefs and values that uplift and inspire you
  • Discover what’s stopping you from being and expressing the real YOU and free your authentic voice.
  • Get clear about the authentic message that’s uniquely yours to share through your work in the world

"Your gift is in your unique experience of life."

  • Uncover the ‘golden threads’ of your life experience and weave the many facets of your expert-ease into a unique and tangible contribution.
  • Learn how to navigate resistance and fear as the doorway to realising your true potential.
  • Re-write the old stories of self doubt that keep you stuck in judgement and claim your true expert-ease as a feminine leader

"Your gift is in your own joy and well-being."

  • Step out of the unconscious mindset of 'over-care' and create new boundaries of ‘right exchange’
  • Find true ‘self-worth’ and give yourself permission to receive the resources and support you need to fulfil your calling
  • Create new feminine ‘ support structures’and design a business lifestyle that supports your abundant well-being

"Your gift is in the transformation you bring."

  • Get crystal clear about the transformation that you’re here to catalyse and the purpose of your unique contribution.
  • Tune into specifically who, what or where you’re most called to serve and clarify the specific challenge you are addressing through your contribution.
  • Listen to and take action by following your heart’s intuitive guidance.

"Honouring your gift and sustaining your journey."

  • Capture the gems of your experience, ground your learning and anchor the next steps you are committing to taking.
  • Chrystalise your ongoing pathway of practice and the support you need to sustain your growth as you take action and get your gift out into the world.
  • Create a ‘Commitment Ritual’ to take your stand and celebrate and share your unique gift
  • 6 x Live teaching modules (90 mins with Q+A ~ bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 6.30pm)
  • 6 + Live Group Coaching Circles (90 mins ~ bi-weekly on Thursdays at 5.30pm)
  • MP3 Recordings of all calls
  • Private facebook group with access to Joey and group members
  • Worksheets and mini assignments for each module
  • PLUS Bonus 1:1 Mentoring Call With Joey
  • 30 Day 100% money back guarantee

*Includes Bonus 1:1 Mentoring Call With Joey*

Registration for this circle is now closed. However we may have a space become available in the next few days. If you would like to be put onto the wait list, please email us at support@awakeningfeminineleaders.com.

“I gained incredible clarity and insight into my gifts”

“Joey's ‘Awaken Your Gift’workshop was perhaps one of the most "enlightening" experiences I've ever had.

Having beenfeeling a great deal of frustration and confusion around my work, I gained incredible clarity and insight into the gifts I have known all along I was here to share with the world. What setsher approach apart from any other training I have received, was that the messages were delivered straight from my higher self. It was a lightening bolt of validation that I have really known all along.

Joey does not "give" you advice or "tell" you how to discover your gifts. Instead, she sets up the most energetic and safe space for you to tap into your higher wisdom and literally "step into" who you truly are. No other training, course or program has come close to bringing me so much clarity, validation and excitement around what I am here to do.

This program is a must for anybody ready to truly own their right-work. I have never met a more loving and authentic mentor who is fully committed to her own process and so willing to share every ounce of passion and wisdom with her students. You can relax and put your faith in her hands.”

Lisa Freitag ~ Transformational Health Coach

“Joey’s ‘feminine’ approach brings more depth, compassion and genuine wisdom than any other I have come across.”


“Working with Joey is a truly warm, wholesome experience. She brings such deep levels of acceptance, insight and understanding that I always feel soothed and seen. Her ability to pinpoint where I am in my process and help me name my confusion means she can ‘jump in’ and support me wherever I am. I have been more used to working in a linear, logical way. But having Joey support and guide me in a more ‘feminine’ process as I moved through my resistance was enlightening, allowing me to access a more authentic and empowered version of myself.

Joey’s mentorship has provided a nourishing home for my chrysalis as I go through my metamorphosis and emerge as a more aligned and alive expression of me and confidently own the gift that is mine to offer.

Her experience and clarity around the journey of discovering and claiming your calling is second to none. Her ‘feminine’ approach brings more depth, compassion and genuine wisdom than any other I have come across.”

Jane Ryder ~ Conscious Relationship Mentor.

“I will carry Joey's feminine wisdom together with my own for many years to come”


'Working with Joey has given me the courage to walk into the unknown consciously, taking one step at a time, overcoming my deepest fears. Joey has supported me to trust that my journey, both personal and professional, is unfolding exactly as it should, by getting in touch with my authentic self and through that process gently allowing myself to blossom. I will carry Joey's feminine wisdom, together with my own, for many years to come as I move forward into sharing my unique gift with the world.’

Lou Tilbury ~ Writer and Education Consultant

“I will carry Joey's feminine wisdom together with my own for many years to come”


“Joey guided me through a very personal journey transforming my inhibiting beliefs into empowering ones. We not only touched upon my relationship with myself, but also with others and the world. I learned different practices that help me stay in line with the real truth, in line with my powerful self. I am so grateful to Joey who with her unconditional support, understanding and careful listening made real transformation possible. She skillfully established a wonderful relationship of trust that enabled my personal growth. Joey is at all times professional, a warm-hearted and caring person who helps you look where it hurts but only to help you jump to the next level of strength and confidence. She truly is a gift to the world: for women, leaders and whoever wants to embark on a life changing journey.”

Iris Kloth ~ Career Coach


“Coaching with Joey has been a truly inspirational experience. I have learned so much about myself, what I want to do with my life and how to go about achieving my vision. She has supported me on every level and has allowed me to safely explore the inner barriers which have prevented me from moving forward. It has been an amazing journey and I know that working with Joey has not only helped me in my leadership at work, but has also had a positive impact on all areas of my life including my relationships with my family and friends. Joey brings to her coaching a wisdom, warmth and dedication which has helped me discover my strengths, values and inner wisdom. She has a true gift and her approach is personal, empowering and inspirational.”

Debbie King ~ Public Affairs Officer.

    • 6 x Live teaching modules (90 mins with Q+A ~ bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 6.30pm)
    • 6 + Live Group Coaching Circles (90 mins ~ bi-weekly on Thursdays at 5.30pm)
    • MP3 Recordings of all calls
    • Private facebook group with access to Joey and group members
    • Worksheets and mini assignments for each module
    • PLUS Bonus 1:1 Mentoring Call With Joey
    • 30 Day 100% money back guarantee

    *Includes Bonus 1:1 Mentoring Call With Joey*

    Registration for this circle is now closed. However we may have a space become available in the next few days. If you would like to be put onto the wait list, please email us at support@awakeningfeminineleaders.com.

    Joey is the founder of Awakening Feminine Leaders, an evolutionary learning community for women. An unconventional Leadership Mentor, Transformative Coach and Spiritual Guide, Joey helps women entrepreneurs and social change leaders to align their lives with their Soul’s calling, own their unique gifts and change the world by sharing them.

    Since 2004, she has been pioneering a soulful, authentic pathway of feminine leadership that enables deep transformation for her clients as they free themselves of old stories of limitation and step up to lead the contribution they were born to make (without sacrificing themselves!).

    Joey has an extensive background in Earth Wisdom Teachings, Systemic and Ontological coaching and Spiritual Counselling. She is also an ordained Interfaith Minister.

    She recently led the unique fundraising teleseries for women, ‘A Call To Stand’, has created several online programmes and is currently writing her first book.

    Joey lives with her partner and two gorgeous wee boys in the woodlands of central Scotland.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Ive got a busy schedule, what is the pace of the programme?

    The great thing about online programmes is that you have flexibility about your own time engagement and the depth you want to take it too. However, like any lasting transformation, awareness is the key, so the more you engage and create awareness of your own learning the better the results for you. We’ve deliberately spread the modules over two week blocks to give more spaciousness to the programme. We have structured the programme in a way that is easy to engage online. The first week of each module (Wed at 6.30pm) will be a live teaching and workshop module with supplementary practices and worksheets. Week 2 will be a live coaching call (Thurs 5.30pm). You can engage in our online forum space as much or as little as suits you. All calls will be recorded so you can listen or review in your own time.

    2. Ive never participated in an online programme before, what will I need?

    Don’t worry, you’ll be given all the guidance you need. All notifications will be sent by email and will either direct you to the private online members area where you can review content or provide you with details for the teleseminar calls. All you need is access to a computer, a phone and to bring a willing heart!

    3. If I miss a live call can I still benefit from the programme?

    Yes, this is the beauty of a virtual programme. You’ll be sent recordings of all the live calls within 24 hours of the call so you can catch up in your own time. You’ll also have private access to our 'Online Learning Community' membership site where you’ll find all the content for the programme to date.

    4. Who is the programme for?

    The programme is for women who feel called to make a difference in the world, who want to get clearer about what they're called to contribute and grow beyond the resistance that is keeping them from taking courageous action. Most participants will be spiritually open entrepreneurs or 'almostpreneurs' but it doesn't preclude any vocation or role. It doesn't matter what stage you're at in your business (it's not a business training per se, but it will absolutely help you to align your business with who you are!) The key is that you have a passion to make a difference and want to fulfill your own creative potential and calling... And you're inspired by the idea of embracing your feminine wisdom to do it! N.B. And just to be clear...it's not for anyone who is looking for a quick fix!

    5. What is the refund policy?

    Refunds will be given for cancellations received in writing via email until 30 days after the programme commences. After 30 days of the programme commencing, no refunds will be made on any cancellations received.

    6. When does the programme start and what is my time commitment?

    The programme is scheduled to start on Wednesday 29th October at 6.30pm for module 1, with a preview introduction call on 23rd October. Live teaching sessions will take place bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 6.30pm GMT. Group coaching sessions will be on alternate Thursdays at 5.30pm GMT. Full details will be provided of scheduled dates.  You don't need to attend all the calls though your results will be better the more you attend and engage.

    7. How can I get support if I need it?

    If you need support on any aspect of the programme or if you have further questions, please email support@awakeningfeminineleaders.com


    Programme Dates

    Live calls will be on the following dates:

    Wed 29th Oct 6.30pm GMT - Module 1 Live Teaching Circle with Q+A
    Thurs 6th Nov 5.30pm GMT - Live Coaching Circle

    Wed 12th Nov 6.30pm GMT - Module 2 Live Teaching Circle with Q+A
    Thurs 20th 5.30pm GMT - Live Coaching Circle

    Wed 26th Nov 6.30pm GMT - Module 3 Live Teaching Circle with Q+A
    Thurs 4th Dec 5.30pm GMT - Live Coaching Circle

    Wed 10th Dec 6.30pm GMT - Module 4 Live Teaching Circle with Q+A
    Thurs 18th 5.30pm GMT - Live Coaching Circle

    Wed 7th January 6.30pm GMT - Module 5 Live Teaching Circle with Q+A
    Thurs 15th January 5.30pm GMT - Live Coaching Circle

    Wed 21st January 6.30pm GMT - Module 6 Live Teaching Circle with Q+A
    Thurs 29th January 5.30pm GMT - Live Coaching Circle


    Any Other Questions?

    If you’d like to find out more, please contact me at joey@awakeningfeminineleaders.com with your question and I will respond to you personally.

    With warm wishes,