Tap into the power of sisterhood and take a stand for the future you want to see


Dear Courageous Sister,

I have a special invitation for you.

I'm Joey Walters and I’d LOVE you to join me, with Rose Diamond, Eleanor Brown, Stephanie Mines and many other incredible women who, like you, feel called to express their authentic gifts and play their unique part in making the world a better place.

A Call To Stand’s ‘ACTS Live’, is a one of a kind opportunity to gather with other heart-inspired women entrepreneurs, change leaders, artists and healers in a beautiful space, held by nature, and create a powerful container for transformation together.

It’s a chance to receive the support you need to let go of your fear, embrace your feminine wisdom and say ‘YES’ to your true power to make a difference in the world! It’s a chance to contribute your wisdom, your love and your leadership in return.

If you're feeling that deep inner call to make your unique contribution but finding it challenging to fully ‘see’ it, ‘own’ it or step up to make it real, then ACTS Live could be the doorway to the next expression of you.

5th - 7th June, Embercombe, Devon, UK.



  • 5th-7th June
  • Fri 5th, 9.30-11.30am Registation
  • Sun 7th, 5pm Completion

Our heart-felt intention is for you to receive:

  • A renewed sense of connection to your true self, to nature and to your own inner calling (even if you don’t know what that looks like).
  • A greater feeling of clarity and inspiration for your purpose and vision as an agent of change and a voice for the feminine.
  • A deeper sense of confidence in your authentic voice, your value and your capacity to make your contribution as ‘feminine leader’ and change maker.
  • An embodied experience of your courage to follow your ‘Soul Path’ and take inspired action in the direction of your dreams.
  • A new level of ongoing support, friendship and community with women who GET who you are and stand with you on your transformational journey.

A Call To Stand ~ The first wave of the journey

In May 2014, I lead a 28 day online ‘Feminine Wisdom Circle’ and fundraising teleseries: A Call To Stand. It captured the hearts of nearly 2000 women around the world. A humbling experience.

During the series, 18 women social change leaders shared inspirational stories about how they listened to their heart’s calling and the transformational journey that unfolded as they stepped forward to live it.

The engagement was phenomenal and the event brought clarity, courage and community to a huge number of women who were feeling stuck and alone on their path to expressing their authentic gifts and feminine voice. We also raised $5,000 for Tree Sisters amongst other significant causes.

Together, we created a space for powerful, honest inquiry into how we listen to the whisper of our Soul’s Calling and what it really takes to answer it, authentically. We deepened our awareness of the collective force for good that is emerging between us and the transformative journey we inevitably experience as ‘awakening feminine leaders’.

This was the first wave. For me it was just like giving birth. Extra-ordinary. Challenging. Sacred.

One year on, we're coming together again. This time in person, in nature, around a real fire!

Perhaps the greatest gift was the sense of community that was born from this event. I was blown away by the authenticity and genuine care that was shared in our circle!

I knew there would be a next wave but I wasn’t clear exactly what or when it would be. What I did know, deep in my bones was that the call for community was getting stronger. Both within me and around me. Not just virtual community but in the flesh, face to face contact.

That's why I'm inviting you to join me for this 3 day transformational gathering, in nature around a real fire!

Here’s what we want you to Imagine…

  • Being nourished by the Earth for 3 days in a beautiful natural environment, sleeping in comfort under the stars and eating delicious, healthy food.
  • Being gently held in a powerful journey of re-connection to yourself, to the call of your soul and to your courage to move into the next expression of who you are.
  • Participating by bringing your wisdom, your voice, your fear, your courage and your experience to the circle and in return, receiving the support you need for the unique journey you are on.
  • Taking a stand for yourself and for the transformation you’re here to bring by grounding your commitment in a powerful Firewalk ritual, witnessed and celebrated by your sisters.
  • Having the support from friends and family to sponsor you in your firewalk, so you can take your stand with courage and simultaneously raise funds for a cause that is close to your heart.
  • Dancing, singing and celebrating to live music from Eleanor Brown who wrote and contributed the song “A Call To Stand”. She’ll be with us singing her from new EP, 'A Call To Stand'.

In short ACTS Live is a chance to participate with and be nourished by a loving community of women who have your back and share your values.

I’d love you to participate with me and an extra-ordinary circle of wise women in this one of a kind live gathering:

ACTS Live!
Say ‘YES’ to the call ~ Fri 5th June to Sun 7th June, 2015

The Place ~ Embercombe, Devon.

Embercombe, Higher Ashton, Exeter, Devon EX6 7QQ
Tel: 01647 252983

We’re gathering at Embercombe, a stunning nature based venue set in a beautiful landscape on the edge of Dartmore in Devon. It has just the right space for us to gather indoors and as well as out in nature around a magical fire.

The Accommodation

The programme price includes your accommodation on Friday and Saturday night. Embercombe provides a unique opportunity to sleep close to the Earth whilst having access to the practical indoor spaces we need. It has two ‘yurt villages’ as well as space for camping, providing a choice of accommodation that suits your budget. You can choose to camp or share standard yurt or a more luxurious yurt. Each yurt has a wood burning stove and 3 comfortable beds with bedding.

Please note ALL spaces are limited in numbers so book early to secure the space you want.

If you’d like to share a yurt with friends, please make your bookings first and then contact Yvonne at support@awakeningfeminineleaders.com to request your share. We will do our best to organise that, providing the space is available.

If you live locally or want to stay in a local B&B, please contact Yvonne at support@awakeningfeminineleaders.com to book your place.

The Time



  • 5th-7th June
  • Fri 5th, 9.30-11.30am Registation
  • Sun 7th, 5pm Completion

The Food and Drink

Delicious and nutritious meals will be provided from lunchtime on Friday to lunchtime on Sunday. Drinks will be available on arrival and will be provided until departure. Vegan and vegetarian diets will be provided for. We’ll be asking you for this information after you book.

Book Your Reduced Rate Place With The Sponsorship Model

This sponsorship option is our way of making this event more affordable for you as well as giving you the opportunity to get energy and support behind your deepest calling and the stand you want to take.

This approach is a more collaborative way of creating the financial exchange we need in order to make this event happen.

By stepping into this sponsorship model you are making a powerful commitment to yourself, to your courage and capacity to be a powerful leader of change.

Here are the steps:

STEP 1 -

We ask you to pay a contribution to the costs of this event using one of the 3 accommodation options below.

STEP 2 -

Then we ask you to make a strong intention raise at least £100 through your sponsored Firewalk that you will donate to A Call To Stand after the event. Effectively you are creating your own bursary fund by inviting friends and family to sponsor YOU to walk on fire, take your stand and step into your highest potential. We'll help you to create a compelling invitation to those who you'd like to ask to support you, but you need to make it happen.

STEP 3 -

After the event, you collect your money and donate it to ACTS within 1 month. We'll provide you with a simple donation link via paypal, or you can pay by BACS.

Our Principal For This Personal Fundraising Model

The money you raise will be donated to the ACTS fund which will help us cover the costs for the event. If you don't raise the full amount, you can still attend the event. However we don't have bursary funds in place so, we ask you to make a powerful intention to raise at least £100 and to do your very best to cover your place.

Remember your intention and the funds you raise, also raises the energetic power of your Firewalk, to overcoming your fear, taking your stand and creating the future you want to see.

Our focus is not to make money - it's to create community and support between us. If you raise more than £100, that will help us to cover the real costs of the event including the time and effort that others have put into it.

We encourage you to raise as much money as you can and will be giving away a bonus of 3 x one to one private coaching sessions with Joey Walters to the women who raises the most money.




Camping Plus
£249Enter Coupon Code
  • Bring Your Own Tent & Bag
  • Full Programme Including Firewalk Ritual
  • All Drinks and Healthy Meals Included
  • Bonus Access To A Call To Stand MP3 Replays
Book Now - Only 20 spaces
Comfort Yurt Plus
£299Enter Coupon Code
  • Comfort Shared Yurt (3 Beds)
  • Full Programme Including Firewalk Ritual
  • All Drinks and Healthy Meals Provided
  • Bonus Access to A Call To Stand MP3 Replays
Book Now - Only 21 spaces
Premium Yurt Plus
£349Enter Coupon Code
  • Large & Light Shared Yurt (3 beds)
  • Full Programme including Firewalk Ritual
  • All Drinks and Healthy Meals Provided
  • Bonus Access To A Call To Stand MP3 Replays
Book Now - Only 21 spaces

If you would like to explore the collaboration and get more information about these options please email Joey or Yvonne at support@awakeningfeminineleaders.com.


Walk Your ‘Soul Path’ Firewalk Ritual and Sponsorship

A beautiful Fire-walk Ritual will be the centre piece on Saturday night. This is a powerful opportunity to say ‘YES’ to your Calling, take your stand and make a commitment to walking your ‘Soul Path’. The firewalk ritual will give you a profound, embodied experience of moving beyond your fear and claiming your true power to make a difference.

We invite you to invite your friends and family to support you in this courageous endeavour by asking for their sponsorship for your 'stand'. We believe you will find this an empowering and exhilarating process. It will help you to move from fear to courage as you draw on the knowledge that you are held by everyone who supported you, whilst raising funds for a worthy cause.

Please note, you do not need to do the firewalk in order to have a powerful experience during this weekend. If you would prefer not to firewalk, we completely respect your choice and there will be an opportunity for you to take your stand, powerfully in another way. However, please do come prepared for the firewalk as you may well find that once you’re in the energy, you can’t resist the experience!

We want to encourage you to step forward and take this opportunity. Firewalking is not dangerous when you follow the protocols. But it does require courage which is why it is often such an empowering and healing experience!

When you book your place you will receive clear instructions about how to easily and simply fundraise for your firewalk. You can also choose to invite your friends to the event and create your own team to walk with you in support of your cause.

We will be holding a pre-event community call to share about this in much more detail.

Eleanor Brown Singing Live!

My dear friend, singer song-writer Eleanor Brown stepped forward last year and wrote an stunning song for A Call To Stand. If you were part of the event, it will have been ringing in your ears for weeks afterwards! Eleanor will be with us, singing live whilst we dance and celebrate with her!

Bonus Replays From A Call To Stand Teleseries

When you book for ACTS Live, you’ll receive access to the MP3 replays of the original conversations which took place last year. If you didn’t have a chance to participate in the first wave, you can enjoy dipping into this inspirational series as a bonus gift.

We'd love you to join us for ACTS Live ~ we know it will be a magical gathering of wise and extra-ordinary women

It’s time for us to step up and say ‘YES’, together! It’s time for us to honour the feminine within and around us… to respect our strengths and needs as women… to give ourselves permission to receive the deep level of love and support we need to live our lives powerfully, authentically, unapologetically… so we can share our voices and make our contributions real.

And we need one another's support in the process.

The bottom line is we need each other to become who we are. We can’t easily ‘do our thing’, on our own.

We can't embrace the feminine and carry on solo. I learned that the hard way!

When I left my old corporate world, now around 18 years ago, I ventured out on my own. The real me had disappeared in a challenging business venture and I needed to re-discover my voice, my values, my vision. I was free, thank God!

But what I didn’t see (until it became painfully obvious a few years ago) was how I had rejected support in the process. In claiming my self-authority and ‘finding my own path’, I’d become chronically independent… and alone!

I’d lost sight of my own needs for team, for community, for collaboration, for support and most significantly, for the nourishment of sisterhood. This is the call of the feminine.

Since then, this journey of feminine leadership has become even more critical to me, not just as what I stand for in the world, but as an essential pathway for my own healing.

There is an inescapable call for community & healing

I know the Call for community is not just my own. We're all feeling the pull to connect, to share, to collaborate and to support one another to express our true potential.

During the last 3 years, whilst A Call To Stand was gestating, I could feel the pull for a big gathering around a REAL fire! A seed had been planted, pointing directly to the need for deeper connection to each other and deeper connection to the Earth!

Each year I asked. “Is it time?”

This year, my ’YES’ finally arrived! But not without resistance. I thought perhaps it would be easier this time, and it is, a little. But each wave comes with it’s own doorway for healing and the call to let go ever more deeply into the unknown, to trust life in a way that feels even more risky.

This time the stakes feel higher - personally, financially, professionally. The fear of being seen and ‘not being enough’ feels much more present somehow. The younger part of me that can’t relate to being a leader, feels vulnerable being out in the world, raising the flag and speaking her truth.

And yet, just like wave 1, the bigger, wiser part of me understands that this resistance is a call for healing. So I know it needs to happen and will be truly worthwhile! Not just for me but for all of us. Because I know you too can relate, in some way, to the fear of exposure, the fear of rejection and the fear of annihilation… especially when you say ‘YES’ and truly commit to living your calling.

What I’ve learned is that saying YES to your calling is the pathway for your own healing. Staying hidden won’t do it. Not expressing your voice won’t do it. Not giving your gift won’t do it. Not giving yourself the chance to lead your vision won’t do it.

We can only feel our wholeness when we embrace our fragmentation. That takes courage and it takes the love of a circle of wise sisters who stand with you in your courage.

We’re all in this together. When one woman steps up, it gives all of us permission to do the same. When one woman is vulnerable, it puts us in touch with our own vulnerability and gives us the courage to share it. When one woman heals, her love and strength ripple out to reach all of us.

Are you ready to say 'YES' to the Call and take your stand?

If you’re ready to take the next step on your journey and make an even deeper commitment to who you really are and the gift you’re here to bring then, please join us for this exciting and unique opportunity to tap into the collective power of sisterhood and take your stand for the future you want to see.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Many blessings, be courageous!