Book your place for only £250 with Firewalk Sponsorship

A beautiful Fire-walk Ritual will be the centre piece on Saturday night. This is a powerful opportunity to say ‘YES’ to your Calling, take your stand and make a commitment to walking your ‘Soul Path’. The firewalk ritual will give you a profound, embodied experience of moving beyond your fear and claiming your true power to make a difference.

In this sponsorship model, we ask you to commit to the firewalk and invite your friends and family to support you in this courageous endeavour by asking for their financial sponsorship for your 'stand' and for your bursary place at the event. We believe you will find this a healing, empowering and exhilarating experience. It will help you to move from fear to courage as you draw on the knowledge that you are held by everyone who supported you.

However, you always have the choice to walk or not. You can still be sponsored to do the Firewalk and your contribution to the walk will be an energetic one. The sponsorship funds you receive will be contributed to the whole and the money raised will support us in making this event happen.

Fire-walking is not dangerous when you follow the protocols. But it does help you to embody your courage and commit to your heart's deepest longing which is why it is such an empowering and healing experience!

When you book through this Firewalk Sponsorship model you are making a powerful commitment to yourself, to your courage and capacity to be a inspiring leader of change.

This sponsorship option is our way of making this event more affordable for you as well as giving you the opportunity to get energy and support behind your deepest calling and the stand you want to take.

It's a more collaborative way of creating the financial exchange we need in order to make this event happen.

Remember, if on the day you decide you don't want to do the firewalk, you don't need to walk. Your energy and support for those walking and the stand you take as you receive the magic from the fire is just as powerful. Your sponsorship contribution can still be made for your bursary place.

There are only 3 simple steps you need to take

STEP 1 -

First, we ask you to pay a contribution to the costs of this event using one of the 2 accommodation options below.

STEP 2 -

Then we ask you to make a strong intention to raise at least £100 through your sponsored Firewalk. This money will be donated to A Call To Stand after the event has taken place. Effectively you are creating your own bursary fund by inviting friends and family to sponsor YOU to participate in this beautiful Firewalk Ritual, take your stand and step into your highest potential. We'll help you to create a compelling invitation to your potential sponsors.

Remember, you only need 10 sponsors to pay you £10 or 5 sponsors to pay to £20 to meet your commitment.

STEP 3 -

After the event, you will collect your money and make your donation to A Call To Stand within 1 month. We'll provide you with a simple donation link via paypal, or you can pay by BACS transfer.

Our Principal For This Personal Fundraising Model

The money you raise will be donated to the ACTS fund which will help us cover the costs for the event. If you don't raise the full amount, you can still attend the event. However we don't have bursary funds in place so, so we ask you to make a powerful intention to raise at least £100 and to do your very best to cover the cost of your place.

Remember your intention and the funds you raise, also raises the energetic power of your Firewalk, to moving through your resistance, taking your stand and creating the future you want to see.

Our focus is not to make money - it's to create community and support between us. If you raise more than £100, that will help us to cover the real costs of the event including the extensive time that we have put into creating it.

We encourage you to raise as much money as you can and will be giving away a bonus of 3 x one to one private coaching sessions with me, Joey Walters, to the women who raises the most money.


Go for it.

Book your sponsorship place now and activate your highest intention for transformation.

Camping Plus
£250Plus £100 Bursary Sponsorship
  • Bring Your Own Tent & Bag
  • Full Programme Including Firewalk Ritual
  • All Drinks and Healthy Meals Included
  • Bonus Access To A Call To Stand MP3 Replays
Book Now - Space Limited
Comfort Yurt Plus
£300Plus £100 Bursary Sponsorship
  • Comfort Shared Yurt (3 Beds)
  • Full Programme Including Firewalk Ritual
  • All Drinks and Healthy Meals Provided
  • Bonus Access to A Call To Stand MP3 Replays
Book Now - Space Limited

Feeling Your Resistance To Walking On Fire?

This is totally natural. But don't let it stop you from choosing this option. You always have the choice not to walk on the fire and it won't effect your sponsorship. The experience of Firewalking is beautiful and empowering because it helps us to embody the courage we innately own and moves us beyond our fear. However if you don't walk you will still be contributing the healing power of the Firewalk for everyone and will receive what you need from the fire.

Firewalking has been used for thousands of years in many tribal cultures around the world primarily for healing and esoteric purposes. Some very experienced tribal firewalkers even wriggle through the hot coals on their tummies!

What we are doing is a much safer way of Firewalking that is still extremely powerful as a healing and prayerful ritual. We will be holding a safe and sacred space in which you will be able to access your heart's courage, your Soul's intention and your deep desire for the future you are creating.

We'll be holding the space for one another to literally walk through the resistance that we each experience on the path to living our true calling. Each women who walks the fire will be walking not just for herself, but for wider collective of women that we represent. Your Firewalk will contribute to a powerful collective healing for women in the present, past and future.

You won't be walking alone. We'll be walking together!

When you register for the Firewalk Sponsorship Model, we'll send you all the information you need to start raising funds now and feeling the power of your intention.

Remember, it's not compulsory. You always have the power of choice. But we still ask you to commit to raising funds and making your financial contribution towards the event.

If you have any questions about this option, please feel free to contact us at

We'd love you to join us for ACTS Live ~ we know it will be a magical gathering of wise and extra-ordinary women

It’s time for us to step up and say ‘YES’, together! It’s time for us to honour the feminine within and around us… to respect our strengths and needs as women… to give ourselves permission to receive the deep level of love and support we need to live our lives powerfully, authentically, unapologetically… so we can share our voices and make our contributions real.

And we need one another's support in the process.

If you’re ready to take the next step on your journey and make an even deeper commitment to who you really are and the gift you’re here to bring then, please join us for this exciting and unique opportunity to tap into the collective power of sisterhood and take your stand for the future you want to see.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Many blessings, be courageous!


PS. If you have any questions or want to speak to us about other concessionary options, please contact us at