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JoeyColour_duoHello fellow feminine change leader . . .

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to support women in may different walks of life, to reconnect with their most authentic nature and power.. and to express that in the world through their unique gifts and contributions. I’m in awe of the capacity of these women who, like you, have so much to bring to the world… so much passion, creativity and love for our planet,  for our children and for our future.

I’m fueled by my own journey, mostly by all the challenges and painful experiences that I’ve had to overcome, but also by the commitment I feel to living my best life, to not die un-given and to experience the true gift of being alive as a woman at this in credible time in our history.

My gift is to help women to find, trust and express their gift in the world: To help women who are waking up to their deeper calling to be of service, to move beyond the shackles of their past conditioning, step into their power and embody a new presence of feminine leadership as they share their gifts and contributions with the world.

I’m an inspired creative visionary and social entrepreneur, as well as a devoted mother of two beautiful boys. I’m passionate about discovering and living from my authentic feminine wisdom and bringing the feminine and masculine into balance within myself and in the world.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit – a deeply inspired creative imagination for what’s possible and a deep desire to make a contribution that expresses who I am. I simply call this, ‘living my calling‘.

I started my first career, helping other entrepreneurs to set up their businesses and provided the operational oil that helped them to run smoothly. I loved the challenge of trouble shooting or taking on impossible creative challenges and coming out with amazing results.

After climbing the proverbial ‘ladder’ and becoming ‘successful’ with my first business in London, I had a wake up call.

I began to get very lost on my path, ironically co-leading a business in a way that didn’t allow me to be myself and express my values or my true creative potential. After a while, the pain of compromising the real me got too much as I became more and more entrenched in the ‘safety’ of success and achievement – not knowing what to do to get myself and life back into balance. I was trying to be the leader everyone expected me to be, but crumbling under the mask of ‘having it all together’ and it felt impossible to do anything about it.

Then one day, I woke up with a resounding ‘knowing’ that if I didn’t do something now, the real me would not survive.

This is where Anais Nin’s beautiful quote comes in… “and then the day came, when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

So on that very same day I decided to leave that particular chapter of my life behind and began a new more authentic one.

Ironically, the journey of my true leadership began there and it took me on a long quest of self-discovery, healing and transformation that has totally changed my life. I reconnected with my authentic sense of self and began to re-align my life with my deeper calling to bring the feminine back into balance with the masculine and to allow my own work and life to be a vessel in which to explore what feminine leadership really is.

As a result, I am now helping women who want to fulfil their calling but who feel confused, stuck or exhausted trying to make their lives and businesses work, get in touch their feminine wisdom, re-align their lives and step into their true power to make a difference.

I’m on a mission to help other women like you to get in touch with their deeper sense of self, recognise their true gift and bring it to life in a way that allows them to flourish whilst they make a meaningful difference as a feminine leader.

I call this Awakening Feminine Leaders and I’m doing this because I believe that Awakening Feminine Leaders is exactly what the world needs if we’re going to create the future we want to see for ourselves, our children and our planet.

Feel free to join me for the journey and find out more by downloading my free webinar, ‘Awaken Your Gift’.

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Here’s my short Bio . . .

Joey is the founder of Awakening Feminine Leaders; a learning community that supports women change-leaders to bring their voices and wisdom forward. She brings nature~based wisdom teachings to contemporary leadership, creating a soulful, authentic pathway through which Feminine Leadership can emerge. Joey is an intuitive leadership mentor and coach for women Social Entrepreneurs who are grounding their ‘lifework’, as well as corporate change leaders who are bringing feminine principles, values and capacities into the workplace and boardroom. She is also a gifted Circle teacher, hosting intimate ‘Wisdom Circles’ that foster personal and collective transformation.

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