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Creating A New Culture Of Care

Fostering authentic community is at the heart of my vision for Awakening Feminine Leaders and becoming more important to me than ever. It’s an essential ingredient that will support us in blossoming with our gifts in spite of continuing world events that create fear and uncertainty about our future and our capacity to do something about it.

In the women’s Circle work I’m hosting, I’m constantly awed by the power of the collective field of healing, wisdom, inspiration and deep confidence that we access when we come together with mutual intention and care.

I’m REALLY excited to be exploring the frontiers of our collective healing and awakening in this way and want to share more about why I feel creating the conscious, collective container of Circles and community is so important.

I believe we have moved into a time where we are quickening the healing of the past traumas we carry, so that we can pioneer the future with our full creative capacity.

Like many other women, in the last few months I’ve been feeling the rising tide of difficult emotions as news hits of the next social, political or environmental challenge we are facing, not to mention the more personal challenges that reveal yet more shadows to be healed.

Though at the time they are painful, what I am learning to trust, is that these big emotional ‘contractions’ are part of a much deeper awakening process, if we allow them to be. We’re bringing the shadows into light and clearing the old energetic patterns of unworthiness, guilt, shame and fear that we have been carrying, some of which are the residue of trans-generational traumas that have been dutifully handed down over hundreds of years.

It’s through this profound process of release often involving deep grieving, that our hearts open wide enough to allow Grace to enter. In my experience, this is a doorway though which we can touch the deeper realms of our true nature and discover the love and connection to all life that is not just our birthright but the essential motivation for our leadership.

It’s being in touch with this care for life that has the power to change the world. I call it Feminine Leadership.

Women have an ESSENTIAL role to play in creating a new ‘culture of care’ that brings the feminine and masculine back into balance.

I see a future where, as women resourced and guided by our deep connection to life, we are engaged in the world with our authentic gifts, leading and co-creating a new culture of care for life, that breathes feminine consciousness back into the fabric of civilisation.

I believe that this is what life, the Earth, our ancestors and the children of our future are calling each of us to embrace our feminine leadership for.

It’s our Call To Stand – for life!

In order for each of us to fulfil our unique Call To Stand, we need to step out of isolation and competition and come together to transform these old patterns of limitation that we have inherited from previous generations. It’s so important to recognise that we are not alone in our calling or the resistance we meet along the way!

Much of the resistance we carry is not just personal but part of the collective field we are in. This is one of the reasons why it makes sense to work together to heal them. Connecting with one another in a sacred way, enables us to make sense of our shared experience, be validated in our authenticity and tap into the profound wisdom and resourcing that is amplified in the collective field between us.

Witnessing this potential unfold, is the continued inspiration for my Circle work.  It’s also what has motivated me to create an opportunity for us to come together for a special Circle Retreat in Scotland this year.

In collaboration with inspirational feminine leaders TARA Approach Founder Stephanie Mines; Movement therapy master Deborah Jay-Lewin; Novelist Margaret Elphinstone and Singer/Songwriter Eleanor Brown; I am hosting

THE WOMEN’S COUNCIL, A Call To Stand ~ for Life.

I’ve really excited about the intention we are holding to create a powerful field of transformation for everyone and I have a deep trust in our capacity to access our collective feminine power to do that.  The broad intention for this gathering, is co-create a powerful field of healing, inspiration and shared wisdom that will support us to release conditioning from the past and align more deeply with our inner guidance and creative capacity as a feminine leaders.

We’ll be holding a deep inquiry as a Council into what is needed for us to honour our feminine wisdom and co-create a new culture of care for ourselves and our world.

An amazing Circle of passionate women change leaders are already beginning to gather with us to form this Council, which will begin with 4 online video conference before the event and is likely to continue in some form afterwards.

If you feel called, we’d love you to join us for what will be a deeply resourcing inquiry into our collective feminine wisdom and power to stand in our leadership and co-create a new culture of care for life.

Stephanie, Deborah, Margaret and are also excited to invite you to join us on the evening of the 5th October, when we will be speaking at the TEDx Findhorn event at Universal Hall in Findhorn. (More information to come on how to book later!)

Whether you are feeling called to be part of the Council in Findhorn or not, I’d love you to contribute your voice to this inquiry. Please feel free to comment below – I’d love to hear your own personal experience of how you are being challenged or called to create a new climate of care for yourself and the world.

What are the deepest questions you are holding about your leadership?

In appreciation for you and sending warm love and blessings on this Summer Solstice eve,



PS. If you are called to come to Scotland for The Women’s Council and wish to make this a truly transformational visit, you may also like to know that Stephanie Mines is running her highly popular Essence & Empowerment training at Findhorn in September and Ireland in October. This is an opportunity to learn from a truly masterful teacher at the leading edge of neuroscience, energy medicine and trauma healing. Find out more about Stephanie’s work here





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