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Is it time to bring your feminine wisdom out of the closet and step up to make the unique contribution that your heart is calling you to make?

Over the past 10 years I’ve had the honour of working with many soulful women, helping them to tap into their feminine wisdom, be who they really are and make their unique contribution in the world.

These women were from many different backgrounds – from creative entrepreneurs, directors and managers to coaches, healers and artists – but they were all change agents in some way.

They were all forces for good, who wanted to live more balanced, flourishing lives and fulfil their calling to make a real difference in the world. Yet they were stuck.

Each woman experienced a painful sense that their lives were missing something – that they weren’t really living their true potential.

Mostly they were:

  • Feeling unseen,  as if hiding their true identity and masquerading as someone they weren’t
  • Feeling powerless or doubting themselves and the value of their natural gifts and contributions
  • Feeling alone or burned out – lacking the nourishment and support needed to sustain their lives the way the were living

Some could simply feel it as a burning desire and a yearning to express themselves authentically and make their own lives count.

Others felt a deep unrest stirring from what they saw happening in the world around them – from environmental destruction and human rights abuses to social injustices…. as well as all the ways that women and the feminine are not valued.

And, as each year passed, their feelings became harder to ignore.

Even though they didn’t necessarily understand it, they could feel it, like the pressure of a tightly held bud bursting to blossom… calling them to step up and do something – calling them to make their difference!

With each passing month, working in a way that didn’t feel like a true expression of themselves or their values, became more and more painful. Typically they would wake up feeling either uninspired, tired or frustrated and wondering how to live the more meaningful life they felt called to.

Some didn’t know what to do or where to start.
Some knew where they wanted to go, but were too scared to take the next step.
Some had began something, but were burning out.

For ALL of them, there was an ongoing experience of hitting their own inner glass ceiling.

Despite a lifetime of accomplishments for many, a part of them still kept doubting who they were, what they were capable of and diminishing the value they contributed – as women and as individuals.

What they all shared was a deep, impossible to ignore, desire to do the ‘right work’ that was theirs to do, to make the most meaningful contribution they could . . . and . . . to do it in a way that nourished them as much as those they were serving.

They all felt called to find a more loving, wise and feminine way to bring themselves and their gifts into the world.

They didn’t need to be heroes but they refused to be martyrs – already tired of the hundreds of little ways they were compromising themselves every day.

For some of them, that meant starting a new social venture or change initiative. For others it was a deep re-alignment of their current business and their leadership.

Underlying it all was a strong intuition that there was a more feminine way to lead that the world was deeply missing . . .

. . . a ‘way of being’ with themselves and others that could help to bring balance to a world that’s been overly reliant on masculine ways of thinking, working and leading and where the feminine needs to be fully restored and valued.

If you’re like these women, you may or may not have a clear picture of what your unique gift is or what form it will take. You may or may not know how you want make it all happen and create the change that will help you to blossom in your potential.

But what you do know is that it’s time . . .

It’s time to step into your authentic power as a woman, value your true gifts and step up to make the difference you’re here on this earth to make.

And, if you’re ready to listen deeply to that calling in your heart, to tap into your feminine wisdom and navigate the fear that’s been holding you back… I’d like to share three ‘evocative ideas’ with you that might offer you some comfort.

Evocative Idea #1: Life wants you to play your part in creating the future we all want to see

Sometimes it might feel like life is against you, not supporting you to find clarity or take the steps you need to take. You might be feeling your calling as a deep yearning or desire to make your contribution and experience greater flow in your life … Yet frustrated about not knowing what exactly you’re here for . . . or how to get beyond the fear that’s been getting in your way . . . or how to receive the support that you need.

But if you weren’t feeling troubled by this, would you be paying any attention?

Even in this place of stuckness, there is a perfection, because it’s life way of providing you with your perfectly tailored ‘Wake Up Call’!

The truth is that life needs YOU to find your calling and play your part as much as life needed Mother Theresa or Ghandi.

Your contribution might not be on the same scale, but it’s just as important as far as life is concerned.

Your pain and frustration is part of how life is there asking you to listen, deeply… throwing you signs and finding all sorts of creative ways to get your attention! When you listen, you begin to engage with that calling. When you don’t you lose touch . . . and life will continue to throw you the signs.

One of the most empowering perspectives you can hold, is to know that life is right up underneath you, supporting you to listen to the call you feel in your heart, to follow your dreams and to be guided by your intuition.

The feminine way is to slow down, connect with nature, keep breathing and listen to your inner wisdom.

That’s how life is speaking to you . . . to each of us.


Evocative Idea #2: If following your calling isn’t a 'walk in the park’ - you’re on the right track

Whether you feel confused, lost, scared, stuck or simply exhausted – there’s good news. What you’re experiencing is normal. Most of the women I’ve met who decided to say ‘yes’ to their heart’s calling came across their resistance. It’s natural, so you’re not alone.

I’ll go a step further. It’s the belief that ‘following your bliss’ should be easy, that has many women feel that they are off track when they’re actually firmly on their path and just need some guidance and encouragement to work through the inner and outer challenges that surface as a natural part of our creative process.

It doesn’t HAVE to be painfully difficult, provided we have the support we need to welcome the challenges and work through all that resistance with compassion and awareness.

The truth is that aligning your work with your soul’s calling to make a difference in the world is a noble undertaking and a significant ‘life transition’ that requires you to take an inner journey of transformation whilst you step into your leadership in the world outside.

Whether you’re here to play big or small, globally or locally as a change catalyst, your unique calling will take you to the edge of your comfort zone and to the perfect opportunities for you to see and move beyond your fear.

It’s a big deal… and it’s an exciting journey when you begin to realise that making your authentic contribution in the world and realising who you really are, are one and the same thing.


Evocative Idea #3: If you don’t feel prepared enough, that’s perfect - because you never will

Following your calling and stepping out in the world with your authentic gift will always feel scary no matter how much you prepare.

Why? Because it requires you to take action beyond your comfort zone. It requires you to face into and let go of the fear that is in your way and step into being the creative and authentic woman you truly are. Mostly it means stepping into the unknown and following your heart without a nice neat 5 year plan!

Your fear is life’s way of letting you know what your ‘doorway’ is – where you need to focus your development in order to grow beyond an old limitation that’s been holding you back. It’s a gift!

We can go on forever trying to perfect ourselves, heal ourselves and ‘expert ourselves’ with more qualifications, so we can get to the point where we ‘have it all together’ and we’re finally ready to move!

But although right timing plays a part in everything, until we really say yes and embark on the journey, life can’t teach us what we need to learn.

The place you begin the journey from isn’t the place you will end up. A transition is inevitable.

The real learning begins when you take a stand and say ‘yes’ to the journey, ‘yes’ to blossoming, ’yes’ to standing in your unique value…. even if you don’t feel ‘prepared’.

What’s important is to listen to the next step and let that be where you begin.


I believe that underneath all your confusion, fear and depletion logo iconthere is a deeper wisdom at play . . .

What if all your challenges were signs that life is miraculously supporting you on your journey – calling you to love yourself more deeply . . . to connect with and listen to your deeper feminine wisdom?

What if life were in fact preparing you with the exact learning opportunities you need in order to awaken your gift and flourish as a powerful feminine leader in your business or enterprise?

Wouldn’t that change things a bit?

My belief is that success is not just about sharing your unique skills and experience and getting well rewarded for it.  It’s about how you navigate the inner transformation of being and becoming who you really are . . . and stepping into the world with courage as a feminine leader to make the difference that only you can make.

And if you’re like these other women, my guess is that you could do with a little help too, so . . .

. . . if you feel a deep desire to fulfil your life calling, take a loving stand as a feminine leader and risk being the authentic you (even though it feels a bit scary)

. . . if you are willing to be vulnerable, face your fears and navigate the inner journey of self-transformation as you step forward in your outer journey to make your difference

. . . and if you’re ready to own your true value, care for yourself and invest in fulfilling your heart’s true calling

Then we might be a wonderful fit for each other.

If you’d like someone to take your hand and help you navigate the inner journey of leadership as you make the outer one real, I’d love to connect with you.

The first step
is to discover and ‘own’ the unique contribution that is yours to bring.

JoeyColour_duoAnd you can begin now. When you subscribe to my Newsletter below, you’ll receive my  ‘Awaken Your Gift’ online workshop as a thank you gift.

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Many blessings ~ I look forward to supporting you on your transformational journey as a flourishing feminine leader.


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